Big Mouth (Season 1) Review


Teenage friends will never be the same again when entering the scary and gross world of puberty. Accompanied by the puberty monster helping them to experience the worst years of their lives.

I noticed this on Netflix and thought it sounded like it would be well hilarious and it was certainly that but it was also informative as well, also very very graphic I must mention that very early. I will admit though that I watched the full season in one day, one and off not all in one go but with ten episodes and them being just over 20 minutes it was very easy to just watch it all.

Parts will certainly make you cringe but come on its animated so you can get away with it right? Of course, that really does make such a difference if it wasn’t animated it would actually feel stranger. I understand that is a very odd thing to say but you will understand if you decide to watch this show. Obviously it is not for children at all, something that people think it is when they see animation, think the final scene of Sausage Party but for the whole ten episodes constantly.

Andrew is very awkward and seems to be the first of his friends to hit puberty and is plagued but the hormone monster encouraging him to explore himself in all different places! Which is rather amusing but I guess that is what it must be like for males during this time? Don’t worry though we are given Jessi to show what happens to girls and how they deal with it, including being very angry well all of the time. Don’t forget poor Nick though who hasn’t reached that stage yet and really does not understand why his friend is acting so strange.

This will probably offend a hell of a lot of people and therefore if you are easily offended it will not be for you. I thought parts were very shocking and quite surprising that they could get away with it. Nothing to do with sex was left out and all different types and possibilities were explored, in front of your eyes as well I must add! Porn, fantasies, and very graphic scenes from the first few moments really which sets the standard and each episode keeps that up.

It could certainly be something that people will think back and sympathise with the characters to that time of their lives. I really do feel that I need to mention again that it is extremely rude and crude, with very strong language and of a very strong sexual nature. Hey, I don’t want someone to watch this and then think that I did not warn them about how bad it gets at times! The friendships are pretty good though as I think you can tell that they are all actually friends, it is all left for season two and I am sure it will get enough views for that to happen!

Something very different, very rude, very crude and extremely out there. It will by no means be for everyone and I imagine the first episode will get the most views as people give up and cannot cope with the content. But I think its pretty interesting that something like this made it onto Netflix and will certainly find some kind of audience! Let me know if you have watched any of this series and what you thought of it?

One thought on “Big Mouth (Season 1) Review

  1. While saying ditto could work, I would miss singing its praises. Sensational from the intro, all season one soaked in during one sitting, too funny, so fresh, well done guys, excellence with no near rivals. The benchmark being set, using humorous line after rolling line, with true life issues. Nothing off the table, honesty about lives as humans. Cant wait till they do religion!


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