Back to the Future (1985) Review


Marty McFly is accidentally sent 30 years into the past in a time travelling DeLorean invented by his close friend Doc Brown. The problems happen when he risks his own chance of life by interfering with his parents first meeting.


Adopting the persona of Calvin Klein due to the underwear he is wearing he must then battle to force his parents to fall in love with each other considering his appearance in 1955 stopped key events from happening. Although with that hard work he might just change the future and his life for the better.

This film is very well-loved and for pretty good reasons to be completely honest. It is an outstanding film about growing up and appreciating where you have come from. Also realising how things change over thirty years. Including people as well, I find the fact that Marty is shocked by his parents as teenagers as one of the best things about the film. Isn’t it something rather strange to think about your parents being the age you currently are and what they were like. Especially thinking about to the much younger years.

Michael J. Fox is truly outstanding as Marty McFly and certainly one of the best characters on film. He has become such an icon and is actually a very good role model character as well, something that is rather impressive to be totally honest. Especially considering watching the film now and that he is still a nice guy with good morals. Looking like an absolute God in 1955 as he creates a skateboard and a “new” sound of music.

He did have to travel back in time though to make sure he could help to save Doc, who unfortunately as he was in the car was shot many times. When he actually meets him in 1955 though he doesn’t want to believe Marty that he has actually come from the future! That is something that does create rather amusing scenes.

I think another reason this film really does work is that everyone at some point wishes they could travel back in time, because lets face it would be pretty cool and an impression entirely thing to do! Being able to see what people were like and possibly change events. But be warned if you change even a tiny thing in the past it will have a very big impact on the future. That is something that Doc tries to tell Marty but he’s a teenager so wasn’t ever really going to listen to those instructions.

The differences in behaviour and lifestyles from 1955 and 1985 created some extremely funny moments as well, it really does have a fantastic comedy feel mixing in very well with the Sci-Fi elements, creating a very good all round film that you can happily watch over and over again! Which I know many people do, it was brilliant to have such a big deal made and the films back on at the cinema at different times as well. A total classic of a film, loved by all!

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