Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Review


When the Kingsman headquarters is destroyed and the agents wiped out it is up to Eggsy and Merlin to try to save the world. Heading to the US and finding Statesman a similar organisation who they must work together with.


Following on from the first instalment we follow Eggsy as he has not got used to being a Kingsman agent, trying to keep his relationship with the Princess of Sweden going but making silly mistakes along the way. Those mistakes however make he feel totally normal and on par with viewers I guess.

The biggest problem with this film as that at times it just feels like the first one all over again but with some different characters, as very similar jokes are used from start to finish. Which was a total shame really as I enjoyed the first film a lot. At times that does make everything less funny, but I did still find myself laughing and enjoying different moments.

The cast is well very impressive as we have Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Julianne Moore joining the fun. Bridges not in it enough for my liking but that is probably being rather biased. Obviously Mark Strong is still the best as Merlin, just had to mention that as I was very impressed with him again. Taron Egerton does very well as the leading man again and I certainly think he is such a huge talent.

The main storyline is pretty interesting though with Poppy a rather crazy “business” woman who runs the drug trade all over the world and wants to be recognised for her achievements. So she actually poisons all of the products to then have a cure that she will release when drug use becomes legal. The US President has different ideas to signing and curing everyone. That is where it is interesting, he sees it as they have broken the law so it well serves them right that they are going to die. I certainly think that creates some interesting debate in which side would you be on, would you want people to be saved or happy enough for them to pay the price for taking drugs?

Oh I haven’t mentioned Elton John yet? What on earth?!?! That was the strangest parts of this film I am not even going to lie it was totally crazy every singe time he was in it. Those feathers as well, that was one hilarious outfit. I thought Julianne Moore was pretty awful as Poppy as well, which was so disappointing as she is usually pretty fantastic in well everything else she has been in but this was just not for me in all honesty.

Overall, I think I enjoyed parts of the film and other parts were just too familiar. Everything was left at the end for a possibly of so many different films. A third Kingsman along with a Statesman spin off could certainly be the next in this what is to be franchise.  I am sure this will do very well at the box office with the success surrounding the first film. Let me know your thoughts in this one . . .

8 thoughts on “Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Review

    • Yeah I can see your point with that, but I think she thought the President would agree and then she would be recognised as a business woman for dealing drugs.


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