Son of a Preacher Man (UK Tour) Review


Kat – Diana Vickers
Alison – Debra Stephenson
Simon – Ian Reddington
Paul – Michael Howe
Cappuccino Sister One – Michelle Long
Cappuccino Sister Two – Kate Hardisty
Cappuccino Sister Three – Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Wednesday 20th September 2017

I have always been a huge Dusty Springfield fan, although in all honesty I am not entirely sure how that happened. I am now guessing that I must have heard some of her songs in a film and it all stemmed from that. So when I saw a brand new musical was going to be touring featuring songs of Dusty Springfield that was something I bought tickets for straight away. Which meant I had my favourite front row seats at the Sunderland Empire.

It was even better news when the casting was announced and Diana Vickers was going to be in along with Debra Stephenson. Vickers I had the pleasure of seeing in Rocky Horror and I have always been a fan of Stephenson back from those TV days on Bad Girls.


The story is orignal and sees three people Kat, Alison and Paul all searching for the legendary place of the Preacher Man. Each coming from a different generation, Paul lived it and wanted to visit his past. Alison was told by her mother and Kat by her grandmother. Each had something in common though, struggling with love and loss. This then all led them to that street in Soho searching for the myth and the legend of the Preacher Man. Simon, the son of the preacher man was not entirely what they were expecting. As he tries his very best to help these people who are struggling to deal with what life has thrown at them.

Not the happiest of stories in the beginning but I think that is why it works so well and can strike a chord with all generations. You understand the feelings they are going through, you may have been through them all depending on your age. I guess that also means that it could prefer you for what might come at some point in your life as well. I thought the whole part was very relevant and helped to show how times have changed when it comes to relationships.

The level of performance is very high from a very small cast, who play instruments on stage as well as the band hidden, which is revealed at the end! Diana Vickers gets the chance to show off her fantastic vocal range and really does have such an incredible and impressive voice. I was very impressed with Debra Stephenson as well, who is talented in many different ways as well as acting and doing impressions she has a lovely singing voice as well. Michael Howe owned the stage with plenty of charisma and charm, I was very engaged every time he was speaking or singing, a must in musical theatre I know but I was very impressed.

Obviously the songs are done in such a brilliant way making sure they all link in the story and a unique spin is put on them. With some very interesting routines thanks to the direction and choreography from Craig Revel Horwood, I have seen quite a few of his productions now and always go in with an open mind as it is going to be different and push the boundaries at times. That is certainly something that I really love about theatre and new shows, they can dare to be different.

I really recommend going to see this show as it is something a little bit different and new. I love new musicals, especially when they contain songs you already know and love put into different contexts. This show is all about love, different types of love you know the look of love.

This fantastic show is touring the UK until December so why not head to your closest Theatre to see it? Check out the dates here on the website.

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