New Film Posters from Warner Bros.

I have recently seen this posters/covers around on DVDs and then they have started popping up on Amazon Video as well. They are very impressive and I keep searching for more of them, they seem to be Warner Bros films and they are just great!


With a nice quote from the film on them as well, which seems to be the most popular quote. I think these are really cool and will keep searching for more!

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6 thoughts on “New Film Posters from Warner Bros.

      • I saw your post and then spent time trying to remember how they’d ‘branded’ it! I’ve got about 10-15 of the first run, some titles are ‘questionable’ (Depp’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?!) but there are also some top class films in there!

        I think they’ve changed all their covers on Amazon as well, that’s how I noticed it. 😉

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