August 2017 at the cinema

Into the eighth month of the year now so much more than half way though, I am actually thinking that 2017 isn’t the greatest year for film in all honesty.

The number of films I went to see was 8 and this then cost £2.23 per film as the Unlimited Card at Cineworld is £17.90 per month.

2nd – 47 Meters Down – Review

7th – The Big Sick – Review

9th – Atomic Blonde – Review

11th – Girls Trip – Review

21st – The Dark Tower – Review

23rd – The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Review

30th – Logan Lucky – Review

30th – Detroit – Review

Film of the Month
I don’t even care how much you don’t agree with this choice for my film of the month, but I just enjoyed The Hitman’s Bodyguard the most out of the eight films that I went to see. At the end of the day I think that is the main thing that matters when watching a film, did it make you switch off and forget everything else going on around you? If so then you enjoyed it, which was certainly how I felt about this one. Might have ended up a totally different film what they had set out to make, but who cares?

Male Performance of the Month
Probably not the pick anyone would be expecting from Detroit but I really did think Algee Smith was the best in the film! Such an outstanding performance and he hasn’t been given any of the credit for it! Which is such a shame really as I think he deserves to be totally praised, a likeable character and a truly impressive performance, just because he isn’t as well known as some of his co-stars he hasn’t been given credit for one of the biggest roles in a very tough to watch film. A certain breakthrough performance!

Female Performance of the Month
Regina Hall in Girls Night absolutely cracked me up, but then managed to tug on the heartstrings as well, with the tough choices she had to make. Considering I had not really seen her in much before this film and I wasn’t really expecting to like it, her leading role certainly kept everything together and raised the bar for the female comedy genre.

What was your film of the month for August? 

Male performance of the month? 

Female Performance of the month? 

8 thoughts on “August 2017 at the cinema

    • Glad you agree with Algee Smith! I just feel because he isn’t as well known as others in Detroit he is being overlooked.

      Tiffany Haddish is a good choice too!


  1. I really had no intention to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard to start with as I was really put off by the trailer. It just seemed like another generic, by the numbers typical action movie but you know what? I’m glad I took a gamble on it and went to see it because I absolutely loved every single minute of it! The chemistry between Reynolds and Jackson was incredible!

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