Spaceballs (1987) Review

spaceballs_ver1_zps65tuzdw0Planet Spaceballs’ President Skroob sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal planet Druidia’s abundant supply of air only Lone Starr can stop them. Some of these characters may just seem like some you have watched somewhere else before, in a far far away galaxy.


As part of my Mel Brooks love in and catch up, I mean I was in the same Theatre as him and he came on stage. Just incase you somehow missed me going on and on about that. Anyway since then I bought Spaceballs along with Blazing Saddles on Blu Ray to catch up. The popular consensus is that Blazing Saddles is fantastic and Spaceballs isn’t quite as good, so I thought this was the better film to start off with.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect in all honesty, I mean I knew it was a parody for the Sci-Fi genre. I wasn’t expecting it to mainly be about Star Wars, although I did enjoy the Alien and Ghostbusters small parts. I kinda wished that it had been a little more adventurous in terms of more films facing being spoofed. I think that would have added a little bit more edge to the film as a whole.

This is just well the ultimate piss take of Star Wars, there’s not really a nice way to put that. As it is a total parody, so much so that I am actually surprised Mel Brooks got away with it. But it is funny at times, maybe not on the level of Young Frankenstein or The Producers (I’m catching up with everything else). Blazing Saddles will be my next to watch, I have also recorded Robin Hood Men in Tights as well.

I am mean come on John Candy looked like an overgrown dog, that was certainly one of the funny characters. Along with Rick Moranis as Lord Dark Helmet and it was a huge helmet and plenty of slapstick moments to go along with it. I mean while I did find parts of it funny I was also a little bit bored at times as well. It just needed to be more than just Star Wars as I mentioned earlier it wasn’t enough to have smaller references to the other films it should have been done throughout.

So, I guess for a film like this having odd moments which are funny is not really enough in the grand scale of things when it comes to comedies. I am honestly trying my best to remain positive, which is pretty tough with the material that was on offer with this film. I will find it interesting though if Star Wars fans appreciated this or absolutely hated it.

I guess I am just staying firmly on the fence, I won’t be rushing to watch it again and again like Young Frankenstein. I’m actually not even sure if I will watch it again at all, I guess it just depends really. How do you find Spaceballs? Is it one of your favourites from Mel Brooks?

7 thoughts on “Spaceballs (1987) Review

  1. Joan Rivers was a friend of mine, and we worked together for a decade…she told me she got overwhelming response from fans for this film – not nearly the best of Mel Brooks, which to me is “Young Frankenstein”, but I think “Star Wars” fans appreciated the loving parody on display here – even if it’s not nearly as funny as it could have been….

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