The Limehouse Golem (2016) Review

limehouse_golem_zpsqbteo5tnA series of brutal murders has London shaken with a mysterious creature known as Golem being held responsible for the crimes.


Detective John Kildare has been given a pretty impossible catch to try to find the killer before they strike again. He has never taken on a case like this before and must battle with everyone around him to try and work out who the Golem is. Along with Constable George Flood they must work together and follow the clues to find out who is behind the sadistic crimes.

The way the story is set up we have four or five suspects in the case, all of which at some point you believe is the killer. The problem with the twists and turns is that it makes it pretty easy to have some guesses and some of them just appear to be easier to think of. Go with your instinct when watching it and you will probably guess pretty early, I feel that I did that and was right. Although the way the film goes it does try to make you doubt your choice. I am obviously not going to reveal the answer to that as it is the whole point of watching the film, it tells the story in some pretty interesting ways with the stage and performing being a huge part of it all.

I am a huge Bill Nighy fan so thoroughly enjoyed seeing him in a leading role like this one, very impressed with his more serious role. In the build up to this film I read something which described Nighy as a National Treasure, which made me smile and I really do think he is totally that now. Well deserved, just a shame that in this film his character doesn’t have a huge amount of development. I was surprised with how good Douglas Booth was, something I wasn’t really expecting. But I think Daniel Mays impressed me the most, he always seems to have small roles and I thought in this film he was absolutely spot on in each scene. Olivia Cooke didn’t really put in a lot of emotional and was pretty one-dimensional most of the time, not really something you want from the leading lady.

So, I guess overall I was left rather disappointed with this film with the twists and turns being a little bit too obvious and easy to guess. The performances were decent considering some of the characters being extremely underdeveloped whose side were we supposed to be? Who were we supposed to believe? Those were questions I was left with after seeing the film. Which I don’t think is really a good thing in all honesty, but I guess I got to see Bill Nighy on-screen again which is always a pleasure! I just felt somethings were added in for shock value in terms of the gore and sadistic nature which didn’t really fit together very well, no wonder it was easy to guess the different outcomes, not enough full on choices.

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