Young Frankenstein (1974) Review


Fredrick Frankenstein is the grandson of the infamous scientist struggling to prove that he is not as insane but when he is invited to Transylvania to settle his Grandfathers affairs things will change when he discovers the process that brings a dead body back to life.


Feel free to judge me that I had not watched this film until the past couple of weeks, but I want to make that up by saying I have seen watched it a few times. I wanted to see it in preparation for seeing the musical version on stage and I am so pleased I did watch this first as the hilarious moments meant much more when seeing it unfold on stage. At least I have eventually caught up and joined the party.

The film is pretty crazy throughout, but a good hilarious crazy with so many different things to laugh at from start to finish. Gene Wilder is just perfect as Fredrick, his comedy delivery and playing it straight at times is just perfect. Marty Feldman steals scenes as Igor but don’t mention that hump, what hump? Did it change sides? Honestly though little things like that really make this film such a huge fan favourite. He really is outstanding with the timing and the way he looks does add to the role.

Everything just works from the ridiculous to the special and it is really something that I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. I do think it requires more than one viewing to really appreciate it as I certainly missed things the first time round. Putting on the Ritz was certainly a huge highlight for me, just fantastic. Did I mention that Gene Wilder is outstanding?

I love the jokes that are risky and sex related, I think older films like this with censorship show that less is more and you could still get away when things are said in certain ways. Probably sums up my type of humour and that is something that I am very impressed with, although I cannot really explain very well why that is to be totally honest.

Mel Brooks has a very cool sense of humour and I think that is shown very much through this film I just love that he co-wrote it with Gene Wilder, what a perfect and amazing combination. I guess friendship really does help to make incredible cinema!

Cloris Leachman, Teri Garr and Madeline Kahn really adding extra bits to it, each in a very different role and so engaging from start to finish. I cannot really pick a favourite from the three in all honesty as they each bring a different feminine touch to the scenes.

Peter Boyle is just delightful as the Monster and you cannot help but want to see everything work out well for him. Even though I have to admit that when I started watching I was thinking woah that looks like Peter Boyle, obviously it was but I like that you can still recognise that it is him. I am pretty sure this one could become an all time favourite with more viewings as it already has got better each time. I love watching an older film and totally loving it like this, especially in the comedy genre as I find that the most difficult to find films I like and enjoy.

Who just loves this film then?

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