Logan Lucky (2017) Review


Two brothers trying to avoid the unlucky family curse attempt to pull off a huge heist during a NASCAR race.


Jimmy Logan once had the promise of being a superstar in American Football and getting out of the small town in West Virginia but a knee injury changed his life. Attempting to keep a job and see his young daughter, he then comes up with a plan for a big heist to really change everything around. With the help of his brother Clyde, who constantly talks about the family being cursed. He served his country and ended up losing his hand for it. One night in the bar where he works they have a fight with Max Chilblain which really does spark the plan.

They need the help of Joe Bang though to blow a vault open, the big problem with that? Well, Joe is in prison and still has a few months left to go inside. But that’s fine though right as they will just break him out before anyone even notices. Having to enlist his brothers Fish and Sam who aren’t very switched on at all.

The thing is though a plan so stupid and dimwitted would never really work and be pulled off would it? Well, that is something we spend the film wondering and doubting. How can these people possibly do something that is so crazy? Apparently being crazy helps when trying to rob somewhere. Jimmy using his knowledge from his last job to figure out how to get into the system towards the vault.

I will admit that I did not really find myself enjoying this film as much as I thought I would be the trailers. It looked like it was going to be totally crazy and full on all of the time, but that is not really the case. It dips in and out and the low dips are pretty well boring. So I guess that is how I truly felt about the film, bored. We see Sadie, Jimmy’s daughter building up to a beauty pageant and that I guess is supposed to give us the emotional side and feel sorry for him. I was therefore left rather surprised that this film has actually had quite a lot of positive reaction, maybe I missed something? But I could not help feeling bored as the film slowly panned out and went on.

Daniel Craig was pretty crazy and different in this role which was nice to see, I am probably very biased with that though as I am a big fan of his. I also have to admit that I am still struggling to see the hype around Adam Driver, he always seems to be the same character (with the exception of Star Wars) big and doesn’t say very much at all. Channing Tatum keeps getting leading roles as well, without very much acting ability. So I guess as well as bored I was pretty disappointed with this film, considering at one point many years ago now Steven Soderbergh was my favourite director. Maybe the hype and expectation set this one up too high and it was always going to fail for me.

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