The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) Review


When a well-known hitman Darius Kincaid must be a witness and testify at the international court of justice and it is up to Michael Bryce a Bodyguard to keep him alive.


I have been looking forward to this film a lot over the past few weeks in all honesty. I love both Reynolds and Jackson, so the pair of them together in an action comedy is pretty impressive. Some scenes were much more brutal and graphic than I ever imagined but that was certainly a good thing about the film. It is also a lot deeper than you would expect with some interesting messages about love.

Darius and Michael form a pretty good relationship as the film goes on considering how many times they have ended up against each other. We quickly find out that Michael being a bodyguard and trying to keep his clients alive doesn’t always agree with Darius who believes he does not kill anyone but evil people who deserve it.

Michael was living the high life but when a client was killed on his watch his world came crashing down, we see that event and are taken to two years later with his life in ruins and having nothing left. Despite once being in love with Amelia, who when needs his help he is quick to go running.

Darius had been arrested by Interpol for his crimes and they want to use him in the trial to take down the sadistic dictator of Belarus who had killed many innocent people in brutal ways. This is where the film could have been a whole lot better in terms of plot, a leak in Interpol is getting to Vladislav Dukhovich in his battle to leave the court a free man. I think if we did not know who the double agent was it would have made it even better in terms of guessing.

Despite that I throughly enjoyed the film and thought it was a fun journey. Reynolds and Jackson worked very well together, it was just hilarious at times the way they bounced off each other. I think the trailer was actually pretty good in building that up and the film followed through for me. I think action comedy is a growing genre that seems to work when really it probably shouldn’t. In this case for some of the more brutal moments it certainly helps to take the edge off.

Not forgetting the pretty impressive chase scenes mainly in Ford cars, yes that is right Ford cars! All part of the plot and I guess it really does make sense. Although I guess the speedboat, car and motorbike chase through Amsterdam really does take the mantle for the best chase scene within this film. You have to have some far-fetched moments and that is something that we get with this but in such a fun and fantastic way. I always think we need this type of film to just relax, enjoy and watch for fun at the cinema without taking it too seriously! I mean come on it even manages to poke fun at Samuel L. Jackson and his use of Motherf****r in well all of his films!

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