July 2017 at the Cinema

This is the joint worst month for attending the cinema and I am going to blame my trip away to New York, just because I was then missing for around a week. Ok and being lazy when I got home and was still off work, so maybe I actually had more of a chance to go to the cinema.

Anyway the 5 films that I managed to see work out at £3.58 per film as the Cineworld Unlimited Card costs £17.90 per month. I went to Odeon to see Dunkirk in IMAX and went VIP in The Gallery which actually cost me £21.50!

3rd – The House – Review

5th – Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

7th – It Comes at Night – Review

11th – War for the Planet of the Apes – Review

19th – Despicable Me 3 – Review

21st – Dunkirk – Review IMAX Odeon

Film of the Month

As much as I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming I am going to have to give this to Dunkirk as it really was a very special cinema experience and something that really blows you away on the big screen!

Male Performance of the Month
I was very impressed with Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man thought he brought an incredible energy to the role. I cannot wait to see what he keeps bringing to the character as he truly enters the Marvel Universe and properly becomes an Avenger!
Female Performance of the Month
From the films I saw very disappointing to say that I don’t actually have any to pick from.


What films did you see at the cinema in July? 

What performances blew you away? 

What was your favourite film of the month?

11 thoughts on “July 2017 at the Cinema

  1. Pretty good list, considering that a number of the summer films were poorly regarded – for some reason I just don’t care to see “Dunkirk” – Nolan’s films have gotten too dour and ponderous for me…still, happy to see that it is a success so we have a break from non-stop superhero films, which are all starting to feel the same…

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  2. Films I saw at the cinema in July:-

    4th: Baby Driver
    7th: The Midwife *
    12th: A Man Called Ove *
    13th: It Comes at Night
    21st: The Beguiled
    24th: Dunkirk
    28th: The Big Sick

    * Foreign films
    My July Film of the Month: Dunkirk
    Actor: Rolf Lassgard (A Man Called Ove)
    Actress: Catherine Frot (The Midwife)

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