The Evening Star (1996) Review


We get to catch up with Aurora Greenwood many years after her daughter’s death and her grandchildren are now all grown up, but with many problems. Can she pull everything together before it’s too late?

This film is the sequel to the much loved Terms of Endearment which is often regarded as one of the biggest tear jerkers of all time. You would then hope that a follow-up to how the children are getting on with Aurora to be at least decent. Unfortunately this film is very weak and poor, it doesn’t add anything to the characters and it makes you wonder what the reasons behind making it were so many years later!

Shirley MacLaine is good as always but that is nowhere near enough to make me think yes this film was good. Aurora had struggled with her grandchildren, Tommy has been in and out of prison, Teddy is in an awful marriage with a child and just managing to survive, Melanie rebelled against everything dropped out of college and moved to LA with her boyfriend which ended badly. With all of this going on and a constant battle between Aurora and Patsy who believed she should have raised the children.

Aurora is still trying to find love and the right man for her, Garrett had moved away many years before, married and had a child. I will admit that I was expecting a lot more of Jack Nicholson in this film but his small appearance was a turning point for Aurora as Garrett was such a character. A brief affair with a much younger man and counsellor Jerry just felt very out-of-place and didn’t really fit with the rest of the film in all honesty.

I cannot really think of many positive things to say about the film to be brutally honest as it just didn’t really have anything going for it in a good way. It was just a mess and makes you wonder why and how a sequel had to be made. I guess though that this is the state of the film world now and how they churn out sequel after sequel.

Instead of subjecting yourself to this film of well nothingness why not just watch Terms of Endearment again as at least that had some good moral stories and moments. Even if you are left sobbing at the end, surely that shows just how powerful the film really is. This sequel however lacks everything the first film had and well quite frankly we just don’t care enough about the characters, especially Melanie with how utterly spoilt she became I was actually pleased when her part of the story was over and we did not see her again but I am also starting to think that I am not a fan at all of Juliette Lewis as she just seems to annoy me no matter which character she is taking on.

Have you put yourself though this film? I am very interested to how you found it . . .


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