Girls Trip (2017) Review


When four lifelong friends who have drifted apart for the past five years decide to reunite on a trip to the Essence festival in New Orleans they are about to prove that loyalty and friendship really is the greatest gift.


The four girls have all gone down different paths over the years which has then led to them growing apart. Lisa having two children, getting married and then divorced. Sasha having a failed career in journalism and currently writing a gossip blog. Dina the wild one still partying like she is a teenager. Then Ryan who is a very successful writer and has an amazing partnership with her husband.

The only problem is though whilst each of them appear to have a good and full life something has been missing, each other. Yes, this really is the ultimate film about friendship and having your girls. They are named the ‘Flossy Posy’ as a group, and when they are together all rules seem to go out of the window. The trip was arranged by Ryan who was the keynote speaker on one of the days, but everything started off badly when Sasha received a photo of her husband kissing another woman. This kicks off many crazy events as they cannot really understand why she was staying with him, he was very manipulated to really look after himself money wise.

The film has been widely well received and I was a little bit concerned about that to be totally honest as I felt it then placed a lot of pressure on the film. While it was never going to be something I totally loved, I did enjoy it as escapism and it did have some moments which made me laugh out loud. Maybe not as much as everyone else but it was still amusing at times.

My only real problem was with the character Dina who suddenly changed half way through the film and was totally different, I found that to be a bit of a strange choice really as the events only took place over a few days. I know that might seem like an odd thing to point out but it did actually annoy me as she started out loud, violent and well crazy and then it just suddenly stopped.

It is pretty rude and crude though so if you are easily offended by things mainly related to sex then this isn’t the film for you to go and see. I think it probably does have a female audience in mind and in the similar strand as Bridesmaids. Because let’s face it when you target a female audience it usually means that the word of mouth about the film spreads and it is pretty popular for a few weeks. The screening I was in on a Friday night a couple of weeks after release was rather busy with groups of women, I don’t think any men were in it at all.

I’m not saying it is a favourite or anything but it was watchable with some amusing moments, showing how important old friendships can be when in your time of need.

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