Boulevard (2014) Review


Nolan Mack is a devoted husband who has spent his life working in a bank doing the same job everyday for over 25 years. He has always kept his true self a secret and that is all about to come crashing down when one evening he picks up a young male hooker.


I kinda feel like I need to explain how I even ended up watching this film, I did a voice search on Sky Q for Robin Williams and this came up. I had never even heard of it in all honesty, but it was one of the last films Williams made so I thought I should therefore watch it. Even though the subject matter is not the greatest to have to watch.

By this point we are all very well aware that Williams was a lot more than just a comedian and funny actor, he had many serious roles. His last roles have seemed to be a little bit on edge and this one is no different as he takes on a character who is battling his demons around his sexuality. Now in his 60s and having lived a big lie with his wife Joy and not even confiding in his oldest friend Winston.

Everything changes when he meets Leo, the problem is though that as a viewer it is unclear exactly how he feels or what he actually wants from the young man. Who is more than willing to offer any kind of sex act in exchange for money. Nolan pays him for his time, but it does quickly get very strange and weird. I mean we aren’t entirely sure if he is gay or just confused, until one of the later scenes.

I will say that it is a good job the film is not too long as I think I would have turned it off in all honesty. It’s one of those that feels double the amount of time you are watching it for, don’t get me wrong Williams puts in a decent performance but that is not enough as we don’t care enough about Nolan or Leo.

Leo is a pretty awful character who we are supposed to feel sorry for, having to make money as a male hooker but he is offered chances to turn his life around and just doesn’t take them. Therefore it is more his choice in my opinion instead of that he has to do it. Maybe I was a little cynical but in a film like this we have to feel something towards a character. The same goes for Joy as well, I just don’t get why she stayed in the awful alone marriage as it didn’t look like any love had been in it for a hell of a long time.

I am obviously not going to recommend that you rush to watch this film, as I am assuming that not many people have actually seen it and it probably should stay that way. I watched this one so you didn’t have to!

3 thoughts on “Boulevard (2014) Review

  1. I am curious…the characters did not capture your empathy? Or was it the script problem? I have sit through too many movies not going anywhere. So, thank you for saving me from this one. I still have to ask: Did the end have an resolution, like in the comedy with Kevin Kline, In and Out?

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  2. Caz, I wrote this movie. i think you need to watch it again. Joy was in the marriage because it was a way for her to hide from reality, too, as covered in the last scene. Nolan was conflicted. He had feelings for Leo, the un-fathered boy, but he didn’t know how to express them, and, as long as he was married to Joy, there’s no way he would have sex with him.


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