Bat out of Hell the Musical (West End) Review


Andrew Polec – Strat
Christina Bennington – Raven
Rob Fowler – Falco
Sharon Sexton – Sloane
Aran Macrae – Tink
Danielle Steers – Zahara
Dom Hartley-Harris – Jagwire
Giovanni Spano – Ledoux
Patrick Sullivan – Blake

Venue: London Coliseum

Date: Saturday 5th August 2017 (2:30pm)

I actually want to start this review talking about the amazing venue that is the London Coliseum mainly used for Opera and that in itself told me before even entering that it was going to ensure that the show is very loud. I was pretty struck by how beautiful and amazing the theatre is, honestly outstanding as you can hopefully see from the photos below. I was also pretty amazed by the stage set up everything about it was huge, music playing in the speakers was loud as well. You just knew that this show was really going to blow you away, and that is certainly something that happens!

This isn’t a story about Meatloaf, it is a brand new musical with his songs well Jim Steinman’s songs. The story is a future world, set in what used to be Manhattan with Falco ruling as he pleases as many known as The Lost who are forever 18 due to some kind of mutation. Led by Strat it was only going to be a matter of time before something would happen with Raven (Falco’s daughter) and thus a Romeo and Juliet style romance happens. Her mother Solane is struggling to come to terms with what her husband has become, which creates some truly outstanding moments.

I was expecting to be blown away by the musical and I am happy to say that I was certainly blown away by it all. Truly incredible vocal talents on display with music and lyrics which are extremely tricky at times. Each of the songs have their own story to tell and they are arranged in such an impressive way in a very impressive show. The story might seem a little bit strange at times, but personally I thought the arrangement of the songs worked very well for the production.

Andrew Polec was truly outstanding as Strat really owning the stage to fully rock out, microphone around his neck and everything! He is a fantastic performer and is perfect in that role, I was so impressed with him it was unreal how good he was with the different songs.

Danielle Steers was an amazing surprise at which the audience gasped the first time she sung, what an unreal voice. Seriously she is an amazing talent, I am pretty sure everyone in the audience wanted her to sing every time she was on stage. The way she did ‘Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad’ was outstanding.

Christina Bennington was given her turn to shine with her rendition of ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ which really was very impressive. Especially as I had totally forgot about that song by that point.

Rob Fowler was placed as the bad guy and got some great moments, the main one that sticks as a memory for myself was ‘In the land of the pig, the butcher is the king’ the way that was done was so sadistic but brilliant. He had good chemistry with Sharon Sexton who certainly added the lighthearted side with some laughs. ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ had to be the funniest numbers, with some awkward moments which were just brilliant and giving a lighter moment in the show.

An added bonus to seeing the show just before it leaves London is that they are putting together an original cast recording so I will be able to relive it all soon hopefully, as I am not sure if it has a release date yet. After completing its London run the show is heading to Toronto, Canada. I will certainly be following it very closely to see what happens with it after that!

Great to see Jim Steinmen’s incredible work being put together in such a new way.



9 thoughts on “Bat out of Hell the Musical (West End) Review

  1. I agree with everything you have said, after seeing it twice in Manchester and will be going to the show this coming Wed night, Cannot wait for the show or the CD,

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m jealous that you’ve seen it twice and getting to see it again! I really hope it continues to do well. Hope you enjoy it when you go on Wednesday. The coliseum is an incredible venue!


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