Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (West End Final Show) Review



Cassidy Janson – Carole King
Matthew Seadon-Young – Gerry Goffin
Stephanie McKeon – Cynthia Weil
Ian McIntosh – Barry Mann
Barbara Drennan – Genie Klein
Joseph Prouse – Donnie Kirshner

Venue: Aldwych Theatre, London

Date: Saturday 5th August 2017

One fine day . . . When I head Beautiful was going to be closing in the West End it made me feel incredibly sad in all honesty. I first saw the show in October 2016 and then on my following two trips to London could not resist seeing it again and again. I then made a decision that I just had to go for closing night, making it the fourth time of seeing this wonderful show that has certainly changed my outlook on different aspects of life. Yes, that may seem like a very bold statement but it got me into Tapestry by Carole King which I now must have listened to hundreds of times and that is an album that really is incredible.

This was therefore the fourth time that I had the pleasure of seeing the show, you can find my other reviews here Review 1, Review 3, I for some reason did not review it the second time I saw it. I have grown to love it each more after every viewing, then constantly listening to the soundtrack.

When heading into the Theatre it was a mix of sadness and excitement for seeing it again. Knowing it would be the final show in the West End. I just had to see Cassidy Janson as Carole King again and she has quickly become one of my favourite performers.  She is just amazing in the role and I have to say she was extra amazing on closing night, not holding back the tears at times it really was an honour to see such an incredible performance. Natural Woman really was on another level, I find it to be not only a very emotional song to begin with but a very emotional and heartbreaking moment in the show. She didn’t want to sing it, those were Gerry’s word everything else was her own when putting Tapestry together. Honestly the emotion put into her performance on Saturday night really was something else, the rest of the cast as well everyone nailed it and went for it even more, outstanding!

The audience was brilliant in all honesty and really did show the cast just how much we love them all. Each song applauded and each moment having different reactions, even some clapping and cheering for certain lines which was just brilliant. I have something else that I just need to mention meeting Cassidy Janson’s Mam who was sat two seats along from me, she was just lovely. A total bonus to add to an already special night!


The story of the show is Carole King’s story, how she quickly started out as a songwriter and composer. Meeting and falling in love with Gerry Goffin, getting married having children whilst still managing to write the songs with him. But then how she managed to break free and do it all on her own and the writing of the incredible Tapestry. It also shows the friendship and competitive nature with friends Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, which really has some lovely moments.

I am sure you will be left surprised at how many songs Carole King was involved in as the show also takes you on a journey through many of the most popular songs from the 60s and 70s. With more amazing performers taking on different roles to sing and perform those songs. It is all done on a very big scale with plenty of lights and costume changes thought out the show, which also helps to show the changing times.

It does make me very sad that the next time I visit London that Beautiful will be no longer on in the West End. I already have tickets for the first UK Tour when it comes to Newcastle in November, I will probably get tickets for Sunderland in March as well. So I guess that is good news for people who cannot make it to London for the Theatre you can catch the tour on the road from September 2017 until June 2018. I really do recommend this show it has a very special place in my heart.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (West End Final Show) Review

  1. It’s a terrific show. I’ve been listening to “Tapestry” since it first came out. Indeed, the CD is now the fourth format I’ve owned, having had it on LP, cassette and 8-track. The show doesn’t really tell the full Carole King story. But it’s still terrific, as a show. “Tapestry” stands up as a great album in 2017. Thanks for your reviews!

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    • So pleased you like the show as well! I am so pleased that Tapestry has made such a huge impact on my life, I have read about a lot other parts of Carole King’s life and she has certainly had a tough and rough ride!

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