47 Meters Down (2017) Review


Lisa and Kate are two sisters who are on holiday in Mexico. Lisa is being pressured into trying different things by her sister Kate, who is not happy with just sitting around the pool all day. After admitting she has broken up from Stuart, Lisa agrees to be more daring and enters the cage to see sharks swimming around it!


Obviously everything goes terribly wrong with that and they end up 47 Meters down in the ocean as their oxygen is quickly beginning to run out they must battle to survive and see if help is actually on its way. Everything in the build up to the pair heading down tells you that you would certainly not be agreeing to do it at all, the two men they had met talked them into it. But come on the boat did not look safe, it looked extremely strange the way they were taken to it and well we already knew it was not going to end well.

The thing is though that despite all of that the film is strangely engaging and will leave you fighting to breathe normally. With all of the gasping with the masks on you cannot help but do the same sitting in your seat watching the film. I have grown quite fond of films about being trapped in the water and shark attacks. I kinda think that is because I would never put myself in those situations so I quite enjoy watching them, I have never really been the biggest fan of the water so heading into open water is not something I would volunteer to do.

It was great to see Mandy Moore in this type of role and I was actually thinking that it had been a very long time since I actually watched her in anything. A very small cast due to the format of the film, we have the four guys on the boat and then the two trapped sisters.

Oh, did I mention that Lisa had never scuba dived before while Kate had taken a course? Ok, a rather important detail I reckon! So many different things happen to them to test them physically, mentally and psychologically. Interesting really to see how they put together the reactions to the different situations. Thinking the boat had left, wondering if anyone was coming to help them whilst keeping an eye on the oxygen tank. Why didn’t they just swim up?

Nitrogen bubbles.

That was the reason, I had no idea about that in all honesty but showing attention to detail in the film. If that happens the diver can then die from coming up in the water too fast as the nitrogen gets into the air they are breathing in. Pretty interesting to learn that I guess, and a very important aspect of the story. Many side effects of that happening.

I have to admit that the twist at the end was very impressive and I really didn’t see it coming at all, even though parts of the film seemed to be very extreme. I found myself enjoying the less than 90 minutes as it does take around 25 minutes of build up to the event happening. A decent effort in this genre but I think I did prefer Blake Lively’s ‘The Shallows’ that was released last year.

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