Games: Blade Runner and Titanic

I felt that this post was necessary after eventually watching Blade Runner for the first time, I was not totally blind to it all. Back in 1998 we got our first PC and the Blade Runner game was included in the package, after a quick Google search it was released in 1997.


I still have pretty vivid memories from the game even though we got totally stuck at a certain point and could not find anymore clues. You had to navigate around trying to figure out who the replicants were. Although I am guessing back then I wouldn’t have realised that.

I guess the graphics were pretty impressive considering it was still early in the PC gaming world back then, and I am sure it was pretty slow going as you changed from place to place. It had a lot of different colours in that is a very vivid memory from it, may just to show off the graphics of the time, I am not entirely sure to be honest. I actually am interested in finding out how the game ended, especially now I have seen the film. Pretty funny that eventually catching up with a now classic film sparked the memory of one of my first PC games.

That then sparked another memory of a computer game that we would have had around a similar time or not very long after getting the PC. Which had a very similar format so I am guessing it was the easiest mode to program into a game.


That’s right a Titanic game, which was also a search for clues and things. I can’t really remember what the full game was but I don’t think I managed to finish, complete or “clock it” as we used to say back in the 90s. You had to move around the ship, to the different decks and talk to people, so I think that was another mystery style game.

I do remember the people used to just suddenly appear in front of you and some of them were rather creepy. As you can see in the screenshot above, I think I was expecting something with Leo in. Yes, I was one of those young girls who totally loved him in the film. But he was nowhere to be seen in this game as you wandered around the ship, picking up random items along the way.

I thought this was an appropriate post to get everyone thinking about not only the first computer games they used to play, but film related ones! Especially if you had or played on Blade Runner/Titanic. It certainly seemed the mystery hunting games were the ones making waves in the late 90s.

I can remember a few others pretty well which aren’t film related were Theme Park and The Sims, two of my favourites that I lost many hours too. I guess it also a good time to mention Championship Manger which is now Football Manager, a game I still buy and play the new version of to this day.

Which do you have good or bad memories of?


9 thoughts on “Games: Blade Runner and Titanic

  1. Spent so many hours playing Blade Runner back in the day!
    Managed to finish it a few times but also got stuck a lot – annoying!

    And I still physically have it on my shelf – “saved it” from my old house. Wonderful memories. 😉

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  2. I watched the whole Blade Runner game play on youtube I do wonder if they will use elements of this on the new movie since the game did feel like a sequel and it has a different blade runner in the main role

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  3. I used to love the Blade Runner game. I must’ve got it a few years after it came out because it was already talked about as a classic, but it can’t’ve been much later than 2001 — nowadays “four years” doesn’t sound so long! I never finished it, I think because of a bug or something — I seem to remember getting so badly stuck that I looked up what to do in a guide, but what it said didn’t work. I couldn’t be bothered to start again from the beginning! I always meant to go back to it but never did. I suppose it wouldn’t run anymore (even if I could find the disc). That’s one of the problems with old games — eventually they become incompatible. You don’t get that with books or movies!

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    • That is a good point about them being incompatible after many years. I remember getting extremely stuck as well! Damn games like that, maybe that’s why they stopped making them like that haha.

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  4. OMG you’ve just reminded me of Blade Runner the game! I also played the first couple of Tomb Raider games back in the day but ended up hating them as they were so hard! One game that I always have fond great memories of though and which sadly hasn’t been turned into a film yet, is Broken Sword.

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    • So pleased to have reminded you of the Blade Runner game. Oh I remember Tomb Raider, I used to prefer the work out sessions on the assault course to the actual game 😂


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