The Incredible Jessica James (2017) Review


Jessica James is struggling to cope with a recent breakup and tries to throw herself more into her career as a playwright in New York. She strikes up a friendship or a possible new relationship with Boone who has recently been divorced.


Another Netflix original which has just been released, one of the best things about this was the running time easy to fit in and quick to watch. Especially considering I rather enjoyed it. We get to see the world through Jessica’s eyes as she attempts to make her dream of being a Broadway playwright comes true.

Haunted with memories from her relationship with now ex-boyfriend Damon. I actually loved the scenes where we thought it was a real conversation and she had seen him again but it turned into a dream or she was trying to write. That is certainly something you would end up doing to yourself when you are constantly thinking about the one person you shouldn’t be.

Boone offers a shoulder to cry on as they enter a strange relationship, having sex but not really dating. I thought the Instagram un-following of the ex was a very good thing but even better that the other would then keep them updated on the social media front. That really is something that people do now isn’t it, helping a friend out if they can’t cope but still want to know what is on the profile.

I liked Jessica’s passion for Theatre in all forms and how she wants that to be her life. Trying to do everything possible to achieve her dream, teaching children theatre in all forms. She does not enjoy going back home to her family, feeling they judge her too much for her new life and style.

Jessica Williams was a strong enough lead and you have to admire the performance she put in this film, leading the line. I do however feel that Chris O’Dowd has been extremely typecast I have never seen him do a character that is different to the way he is in this film or Bridesmaids or well everything else he has been in the past couple of years. I always feel that is such a shame when it happens to an actor in such a short space of time.

We get plenty of references to current social media, mainly Instagram, Twitter and even Tinder. I do often wonder how those things will hold up in ten and even five years time with how quickly technology changes. I guess older films didn’t really have small details like that it them. Right now it feels extremely current, but even in a year what will this film be like?

It is one of the better ones to come from Netflix in my opinion as I enjoyed the character of Jessica James, with her drive and determination it sent out good messages. Some moments were actually rather amusing as well. How hard is it to get over someone? Well, we get to see a take on that now and it may just help people not feel as psycho as you might be at the time.

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