Joe McElderry: Saturday Night at the Movies Tour (2017) Newcastle Review


Date: Sunday 30th July 2017
Venue: Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Local lad Joe McElderry also from South Shields has come along way since being crowned The X Factor winner back in 2009, which was the last time I watched the show to be completely honest. The whole town was behind him and it’s amazing to have followed his career since then. His transition to Opera star as well, really showing off his incredible vocals. I have bought each album and enjoyed listening to his fantastic voice. It has also been fantastic to witness his change over to musical theatre and leading as Joseph.

This was the first time I have had the honour of seeing him in concert at the amazing Theatre Royal in Newcastle, which was a complete sell out I want to add. The tour falls into his new album released earlier this month ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ so a chance to hear him sing all of the songs live.

He has brought some friends along for the show as well though in Keith Jack and Ben James-Ellis who both found fame on Joseph show Any Dream Will Do and have since become seasoned performers. They were also joined by Sam Callaghan a former X Factor contestant who stepped in for the tour for Lloyd Daniels due to illness.

The show is split into two halves, the first of which we are taken through some of their favourite songs. Movie and then musical theatre related which really gave the boys a chance to show off the amazing vocals they have as well with Joe coming on and off the stage to sing with them. I really enjoyed seeing Ben, Keith and Sam all taking turns with different songs. I thought Keith did a beautiful rendition of ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Mis.

Ben, Keith, Joe and Sam

It was great to hear Joe belt out ‘The Climb’ as I am sure those lyrics mean so much more now after everything has had to work hard for over the years. I still standby that being such a motivational and outstanding song in all honesty. When he closed the first half with ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ it really did bring a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes, such a powerful and emotional song for many personal reasons.

The second half of the show we were taken through the Saturday Night at the Movies album, which was certainly a great treat. Many of the songs have been my favourites for years including ‘Show Me Heaven’, ‘Everything I do (I Do It For You)’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’. It really does cover so many fantastic songs that make you think of a film and they are put together in such a great way.

A special mention has to go for ‘Any Dream Will Do’ with Joe, Ben and Keith all claiming it as their song. So they split it and it really did work very well with them all singing together. Moving from that into ‘Close Every Door’ which is always a very emotional song to be completely honest, especially when you think about how it is used in Joseph.

Another truly great thing about Theatre Royal was the atmosphere from the audience which had a very wide age range, something that is just brilliant to see at a show/concert like this. Joe really does have such a big fan base and I really do think he deserves a lot more credit and praise than he has received.

All four performers complimented each other in such a great way, looking like they were having a lot of fun up on the stage. This was certainly felt and replicated in the audience as well. We were encouraged to get up and dance during the second half of the show, which towards the end people really did decide to do!

I enjoyed the show so much I would have loved to attend again when it comes back to the North East at the Sunderland Empire in August.

On Stage

It was great to see just how humble Joe really is and lapped up being back in the North East sharing stories of sitting himself and watching people perform on stage at the Theatre Royal. Must be truly amazing to realise that your dreams can come true and any young person in the audience can really be inspired that with a talent and a lot of hard work one day you might just get up on that stage yourself.

A huge well done to Joe and the boys for a fantastic night at the Theatre I actually think more shows should be on a Sunday night!

5 thoughts on “Joe McElderry: Saturday Night at the Movies Tour (2017) Newcastle Review

    • He sure has done well, feel very proud of him! Didn’t get a photo with him last night, but met him a few times after the GNR one year and on a crazy night out haha


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