The Breakfast Club (1985) Review


When five very different teenagers end up in detention on a Saturday emotions would take over and they would all be changed for the better by getting to know each other.


This is one of those films that I have heard many things about over the years but for some reason had never actually got round to watching it. I want to start by being extremely positive towards it though and say that I was left wondering just why someone had not forced me to watch this absolutely brilliant film, it is engaging from start to finish and has some great messages about not judging people from afar as you never really know what they are like or what they have going on behind closed doors.

Slowly as the day goes on they begin to talk to each other more and start to understand that the impressions they have made of a person are often very far from the truth. Just because someone is popular does not mean they have actually slept with everyone. Then because someone is a jock doesn’t mean he is going to be nasty and horrible to others as well, he has a lot of pressure.

I felt as though Judd Nelson was the standout in terms of performance as well, he drives everything constantly and really is an impressive character as John Bender. He really does not care about the rules and will push the teacher to the limits, pretty impressive for a film to be this powerful with five main characters the teacher in support and briefly their parents.

With parts of it considering it was from 1985 it shows that not really a lot has changed since then in terms of teenagers and thinking you have to be from different groups. You will form opinions of someone else that is totally wrong and very far from the truth. But I guess we still do that no matter what age we are, thinking you know someone from not even talking to them and that is something we should try to do as little as possible.

Along with Nelson I thought the chemistry from the rest really does merge and mix well together as they bring out something in each other. I don’t think anyone has managed to come close to what John Hughes has done in this genre, I am playing catch up though and need to watch Sixteen Candles along with Pretty in Pink. I have great things about them as I did with this film as well. I have now actually watched this film twice in a very short space of time, I honestly still cannot believe I hadn’t watched it years ago. Maybe that is a great thing about the streaming services having these films all on ready to watch. I guess by the late 90s/early 00s when I would be watching films like this it just wasn’t on anywhere and available. You kinda want to watch the new ones at that age, so I will let myself off.

I really would recommend catching up if you haven’t seen this one it really does have so many different things going for it with fantastic messages to go along with that!

4 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club (1985) Review

  1. So glad you enjoyed it!

    This is one of my favourite films of all time. The actors, the story and the music is perfect. This is the best film from the Brat Pack. Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire are all pretty watchable, but this is on another level.

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    • So I’ve started with the best, pleased to know that the others aren’t quite at this standard so I won’t be wanting too much from them. Can’t wait to fully catch up!


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