Rent (2005) Review


A musical focusing on a group of Bohemians living in the East Village of New York City struggling with life, love and the AIDS epidemic and wondering how they have impact on America.


I know what you’re thinking how on earth has this film not already been reviewed on Let’s Go To The Movies. It is a musical after all and you totally love everything about musicals. Well, I am guessing that my heavy watching of Rent occurred pre-blog. A very small back story has to be that I had it on DVD for years before eventually watching it, I tried a few times and couldn’t get into it. So you must make sure you give this one a proper go and keep watching as it gets better and better. A rock musical that was such a huge Broadway hit and carried so much meaning and well love.

It has so many incredible songs you may or may not have heard 526,000 minutes that’s how you measure a year in minutes and it makes a truly incredible song. The music is pretty haunting and it all gives you more than one opportunity to well cry your eyes out as you get emotional involved and attached to the characters.

It’s haunting as well not only with the amazing songs that you will have stuck in your head for days but the subject matters as well, taking on everything with AIDS and having to deal with knowing you are going to die. A very important film (and show) for the LGBT community, with many different lifestyles highlighted. A truly incredible song between Maureen and Joanne which has always been my favourite from this musical ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ giving Idina Menzel a chance to show off her incredible vocal range.

Mark and Roger are struggling to keep up with paying their rent when career prospects are at an all time low. Benny is supposed to be helping them out though, a former roommate and friend who has forgotten where he came from really. I think it is quite incredible to watch this film and think about the story and how much each of the characters are struggling when we meet Angel coming into Collins’ life at the right time having to deal with AIDS and really lifting everyone’s spirits in the process.

The flow between the story and breaking out into song works very well and really manages to use different places in New York including on the Subway. I certainly think that would make a subway journey much more entertaining if people broke out into song and danced around the pole.

The thing is though you just know right from the start that parts of the story are really going to push your emotions to the limit and possibly rip your heart out as well. So be warned it does have a few tear jerking moments, something pretty common for a musical in all honesty they aren’t all happy moments. Theatre can be a pretty brutal place, this being made into a film following the success and importance of the Broadway run was very good. I do feel though that it often gets forgotten about in film musical terms, so I really do recommend that you catch up and give this one a watch. A rock musical always is worth it!

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