Ghostbusters II (1989) Review


The Ghostbusters are no longer the heroes they were five years previously as we see Ray and Winston performing at a children’s birthday party and it doesn’t go down well. Although it doesn’t take long for strange things to begin happening in New York City again and they must reunite to save everyone once again.


We pick up with our characters again and it is certainly a lot of fun, it’s probably even more wacky and crazy than the first outing. Dana reappears which obviously means more ghosts and ghouls are going to show up. This time related to a mysterious painting in an art gallery that manages to cause havoc in New York. Which in all honesty is rather hilarious at times, considering it is a talking artwork that has evil in its eyes.

I have the biggest soft spot for this film it is actually unreal, can’t even lie in the past few years I think I have watched this more than the original. The reasons behind that? I think it has just been on Sky Cinema or Streaming sites more often than the first film. Therefore I have actually watched this loads and because of my love for the first film I find this to be charming in a very different way, we have our Ghostbusters back on-screen and it is a lot of fun.

I just love watching these characters and the exchanges seem to be even better and are pretty impressive with how much they really do feel like friends. I know this one doesn’t really seem to have the edge of the first film but I really don’t think it is too far off in all honesty, we still get plenty of geeky and amusing moments that fit in really well with the film as a whole.

I always feel like Dan Aykroyd has a bigger role in this film and really is good with what he does, along with Harold Ramos and Bill Murray. We certainly know the exact time of performance we are going to get from Murray. When you think about it though with Sigourney Weaver in as well it really is such a strong cast of who you would expect to be in a late 80s film.

I feel that if this film had been made now then we would have had a third one after it, as the box office would have been very good. That seems to be the only thing that continues some awful franchises and this one was certainly very good and much-loved. I loved these Ghostbusters growing up in the 90s and I still love revisiting them to this day. Who you gonna call?

Is still something that everyone knows to this day and it certainly has stuck with the catchy theme music. So come on admit it you love this film too don’t you! I would happily watch it again right now in all honesty and still enjoy it as much as I did watching it the other day.

4 thoughts on “Ghostbusters II (1989) Review

  1. Still haven’t seen this film in its entirety yet, only seen little bits of it here and there on the TV. I absolutely love the first Ghostbusters though (it’s one of my all time favourite films), so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one when I get round to watching it. Nice review!

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