School of Rock (2003) Review


Dewey Finn will do whatever it takes to be back in band and win Battle of the Bands, yes even posing as his best friend and pretending to be a teacher when the kids can really rock he decides to teach them some very different lessons.


Dewey pretends to be Ned Schneebly and takes everyone within the school along for a big ride, including headteacher sorry Principal Rosalie Mullins. He does have an incredible charm and I do love just love rock music, therefore I totally love this film. I did the first time I watched it and I still love rocking out and watching it again and again. It is easily the best film that Jack Black has ever made, he is just perfect in the role and I love that it is now an on stage musical in both the West End and on Broadway. I really would love to see it one day!

Anyway as well as being filled with great rock songs and Jack Black being amazing, the kids are equally as amazing, super talented at playing instruments and very impressive with the acting and singing. It is all pretty hilarious as well, some of the lines are so inappropriate that you cannot help but laugh very loudly at them. I think when we shouldn’t be laughing at something it just makes it even funnier in all honesty.

So making a whole class into a rock band with crew and everything, come on how funny is the groupies moment! Especially when Summer soon to be band manager researches what a groupie actually is, small moments like that get better with each viewing. I will be shocked if people either don’t like this film or class it as a guilty pleasure. It’s actually hard to believe it is from 2003 as I feel like it is one of those films that just doesn’t feel old at all.

For those about to watch School of Rock, I salute you.

I really would add it to a list of films to make you smile and feel good, it certainly has that bonus factor and that has to be because of the energy, charisma and charm of Jack Black. He just drives everything about the film and his passion for rock is so real and true, in all honesty at times he probably wasn’t even acting but it was his passion for it all. Creates some brilliant scenes though so a huge compliment in all honesty.

I actually really enjoy Joan Cusack’s character as well showing that anyone can be lured and changed by rock music, it may come as a slight surprise but that is my favourite genre of music. Yes, really I have classic rock radio station on constantly in the car, I know you thought it was musicals/show tunes. I think that is certainly a reason I hold this film in a high regard and well love it so much. Even after watching and writing this review I feel like I could easily watch it again right now.

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