Electronics Upgrades!

As part of my trip and birthday it also ended up including many upgrades to my current technology. You may or may not already know that I have had quite the Apple obsession for many years and in preparation for my iPad which I do believe is fourth generation not going to update with the new iOS when it is available in September I knew I had to update that sooner rather than later.

I sync everything from my iMac to iPad for work and other documents so it was a must really as Keynote, Pages etc would no longer be effective in the same way they currently are.

Massive Upgrade!

Not only did I get a new iPad I opted for an iPad Pro and can I just say wow it is totally stunning and ever nicer to use than a normal iPad and so light. But don’t forget my iPad was from before the iPad Air! So it was pretty chunky still, this one is an absolute dream and I resisted getting the Apple Pencil for about 72 hours then made a late night trip to the closet Apple shop to get that as well. Which was mainly because of my very kind family and family friends for money for my birthday, otherwise I would not have been able to buy these things at all. Including my great parents for paying half of the money towards it!


It just looks like a normal case . . . 

The story with the case and ending up with the Smart Keyboard is that I didn’t realise the Keyboard folded away into a case and that is how I ended up with it as the price difference when you think that the keyboard is amazing to use wasn’t really that much.

Isn’t it beautiful! 

This will certainly make blogging whilst travelling a lot easier and I won’t have to take my MacBook Air with me anymore, which takes up a lot more space than an iPad. I hope I am not the only one who thinks about blogging so much! It also means that I have something a lot better to watch Netflix on the go as well, considering we can now download films.

The first time in about 20 years I’ve been excited to buy a pencil and a pencil case! 

So what can you actually do with the Apple Pencil? Well, I am still figuring out that for myself. As it is probably a strange thing to buy when you cannot draw anything at all, honestly I have just never taken to art or anything creative in that sense. I was given the sport/fitness gene.

Colouring in . . . 

I have therefore spent a lot of time since Thursday colouring in! I am sure you can do a lot more, actually I did edit a photo earlier and I thought I made a pretty good first attempt. I have been searching for good apps to download and try out. One that caught my eye was a document editor so you can properly sign your name on things, which I thought could be very handy. So if you have one can you please give me more ideas please, as if not then I have spent a hell of a lot of money for a colouring book as impressive and cool as it is!

My next upgrade you know to go along with being able to watch Netflix easier on the go with the new iPad and with the power of Bluetooth no need for any wires to this outstanding headphones. I can call these a birthday present to myself, bought in the airport. I had looked at them leaving Newcastle but got them in London on the way back instead, spending the whole time in New York looking at them! I will admit thought that this is the second time I have now done away with Beats in favour for Bose. I did the same with my Sport/Running in ear wireless headphones. Everything about them is so much better than Beats!

My next upgrade is going to be a new TV for my room, you know one of those lovely ultra HD 4k smart ones. But I think that will be a New Year goal, something I need to keep telling myself. I cannot upgrade everything all at once, I forgot to mention that the start of this month I got a new car!

Turning 30 really has hit my bank account rather hard, so I can wait until 2018 to get my new TV!

What electronic devices do you own? Which are your favourites? Do you plan any upgrades soon? How often do you upgrade?

4 thoughts on “Electronics Upgrades!

  1. I am going to get the New iPhone by the end of the year. I have a Mac Pro which I am going to upgrade hopefully by the end od the years. I also want a iPad pro I saw it not long ago too cool that one by next year by next year. I hope. There. I saw the mew Mac Pro ho! my god. Too cool. On my Mac Pro I have the Bose speaker. I saw that you have the Bose wireless head phone. I am looking into it. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.

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