Big (1988) Review


When teenager Josh cannot get on a ride at the fair to impress the girl of his dreams he wished to be big and guess what, the following day he wakes up as an adult.


No matter how many times you watch this film the magic is still alive in it and that truly has to be from the exceptional performance from Tom Hanks. Watching the film to this day fills you will joy, imagine if when you were a teenager you could have trialled out being a grown up and actually realised it was much more fun being a kid.

After the initial freak out in the change and not being able to speak to his mother and tell her what happened, Josh confides in best friend Billy who helps him find somewhere to live and he quickly gets a job at a toy company. But just working on the computers that was until the owner bumped into him playing with the toys and creates a new position for him. Testing out all of the new toys and well eating a lot of pizza throughout.

He was about to be tested in the area of romance as well when Susan shows a huge interest in him, which certainly does create some very amusing moments as his naivety shows through, which somehow makes her want him even more. Paul does not take well to Josh joining the company and rising above him so quickly, it also ends his relationship with Susan.

Tom Hanks really did rule comedy films in the late 80s and this is certainly an outstanding performance. Everything from attempting to behave like a grown up, enjoying to play with the toys and that iconic piano scene which really does have to be one of the best feel good moments captured on-screen. I dare you to try to come up with a better care free moment.

It’s one of those films that you can enjoy at all different ages, it certainly is a great thing to be able to keep re-watching a film from when you are a kid to then growing up yourself. You can take different things from a film like this at different stages of your life and understand different moments at different moments in your life. I think that is a pretty special thing about film and is certainly a reason I love watching films so much.

This type of film has been copied quite a few times over the years as well, but I still stand by that this one has easily been the best at capturing the innocence and magic. Everything just works with this still and I think that is often a huge test for films coming from so long ago. Why can’t they manage to make films like this one anymore? I seem to be watching quite a lot from the 80s at the moment and the comedy scene is much better than the films they keep churning out now.

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