Odeon: The Gallery

The Gallery VIP experience at Odeon Cinemas a truly fantastic way to chill out before heading into the screen to watch a film.

I did this at the Metrocentre cinema for Dunkirk in IMAX.

Cool Tables! 

The staff are fantastic in the bar area and you are given a number with the screen you are in for the film, closer to the time a member of staff will tell you to head into the screen. I guess that is a good idea considering when you are sitting eating popcorn and/or nachos you kinda forget you are waiting to go and watch a film.

Drink Fridge

The drinks were constantly being refilled in the fridge and you can well have as many as you like. Choices of Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Water (just incase you cannot make them out very well on the photo). Which certainly covers all different flavours that you would usually get in other parts of the cinema. I actually thought having them in bottles was a much better idea than if they had been drink dispensers as I imagine that would create a long queue.

3 different popcorn choices

The popcorn was kept in warmed areas and you have three different choices, sweet, salted or a mixture of both sweet and salted. Perfect individual sizes and great that it was kept nice and warm. Again you can have as many of these as you would like, although I think there is a limit on how much popcorn you can actually eat.

Always sweet! 

Someone comes over and takes your nacho order as you can have three dips out of the choice of four.


You are asked if you would like anymore as well, so if you can actually manage to finish one of the huge portions you can actually get more Nachos as well. They are top quality nachos as well, I must add.

You are also brought a plastic cup with a selection of quality street in them and we were asked to fill out a questionnaire online about the cinema experience, on doing that you would be given some sweets. (Obviously had to just do that as well, they were free after all).

Overall, I thought it was a fantastic experience considering how often I get to the cinema five minutes before the films start time now and it was nice to just chill out before hand and not have to pay anything extra for a drink and snacks. I was also pleased that I kept doing this for my first IMAX experience as well.


Along with the bar part, the Gallery also includes extra big seats with more leg room, a small table at the side of your seat and a headrest as well. Not forgetting that the seats are in the back two rows of the cinema. A must for watching that huge IMAX screen! You also get the special upstairs entrance into the screening so very close to your seats.

I have always been impressed with the standard of Odeon Cinemas in general but doing this really was fantastic. It cost £25.50 with it being an IMAX screening but cannot complain about that at all when it was such a fantastic cinema experience, its rather nice being a VIP. Just wish I could experience it more often.

For more information about The Gallery – VIP Experience check out Odeon Cinemas website here to see which of their cinemas offer it.


5 thoughts on “Odeon: The Gallery

  1. Ashamed to say I’ve never tried the Gallery VIP experience but I do like the Odeon cinemas. If you ever get to Bayswater on one of your London trips, the Odeon in Whiteleys shopping centre has “The Lounge” where you can have a meal and drinks served to you whilst watching the film. I normally stay in Bayswater when I’m in London but again, I’ve never tried it… yet! If you go on the Odeon Whiteleys website I think they have sample menus.

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  2. Did you ever go to the one in Manchester at the Printworks? Vue have now taken over the cinema whereas it used to belong to Vue and because of how awesome the gallery is, Vue have just renamed it to ‘Skybar’. Exactly the same as Odeon’s ‘The Gallery’ just rebranded.

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    • Did you ever go to the one in Manchester at the Printworks? Vue have now taken over the cinema whereas it used to belong to Odeon and because of how awesome the gallery is, Vue have just renamed it to ‘Skybar’. Exactly the same as Odeon’s ‘The Gallery’ just rebranded.


    • Oh wow that sounds great! I live in the North East so never been to the cinema in Manchester, but I’ll keep that in mind if I am ever down that way 🙂


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