Ghostbusters (1984) Review


Three former Professors start-up a unique team of Ghostbusters when they explore the paranormal happens around New York City.


Ghostbusters is an ultimate cult classic and has been for many years now, I actually have no idea how many times I have watched and therefore enjoyed the film. Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis work extremely well together. The chemistry and comedic timing really are fantastic.

They are pretty much ridiculed and laughed at with the crazy things they say about parts of New York. The advert on the TV is pretty hilarious and people aren’t sure if they are actually being serious or not. They didn’t have a huge about a choice when the University let them go due to the funding for the different projects they were running.

Who you gonna call?


It is very catchy though you have to admit that and to begin with they get pretty small cases but when Dana Barrett shows up everything is going to end up on a bigger scale. Especially for Dr Peter Venkman who pretty much falls in love with her instantly. Trying to get rid of Zuul a demigod is a lot trickier than they first think, as it is haunting her apartment.

The city doesn’t really agree that the Ghostbusters are really helping with anything and then prevent them from detaining ghosts which leads to all of the ghosts escaping and going crazy all over New York. Which certainly does make for some very entertaining scenes.

Parts are extremely geeky and it is great to see characters like this having so much love for them, it really isn’t something that you would think would be such a hit of a film really. But I remember totally loving it throughout the 90s and growing up. It also stems a love for Bill Murray he’s just so sarcastic and brilliant in this film, I actually forget just how good he is until watching it again. I couldn’t help but watch this again after returning from New York and visiting a few of the different places used in the film.

I always like to revisit these films that have stood the test of time more than 30 years after it was released. This one certainly has some fantastic moments, especially thinking about the Marshmallow man, seriously though that is an amazing scene no matter how many times you watch it. The noise level, the sheer size of him and the reactions from our heroes when Ray was supposed to think of the least scary thing possible.

So come on admit it who still totally loves the original Ghostbusters? How often do you rewatch it or when you see it on TV/Streaming service do you just get tempted and put it on? I certainly am still impressed that this film manages to carry so much for it. I guess not many films from this long ago can still manage to do that. I am pretty sure we used to have some toys as well!

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