Dunkirk (2017) Review


With 400,000 men trapped on Dunkirk during World War II, everything must be done to bring them home. Allied British and French soldiers had to battle to survive against the Germans closing in on them by the hour.


The story is told from three different perspectives; land, sea and air. Mixing the stories together and the time scales for that matter with the time different depending whereabouts you are. The land is the soldiers who are stranded on the beach, the sea is the battle for fishermen and civilians with boats to help with the rescue mission and the air is the fighter planes trying to protect the troops on the ground/water.

All of the pre-release talk was that you just have to see this film on the biggest screen possible. I did just that and made it the first film that I have had the pleasure of seeing in IMAX. I was blown away, in so many ways. The incredible picture quality on the huge screen and the out of this world sound. I really had no idea what I had been missing all of these years to be completely honest.

I still have such a buzz from being in the cinema, I mean I cannot remember when I was last this excited about seeing a film on the big screen. But the hype and build up towards this one has certainly helped along with the fact that Christopher Nolan is just amazing and I really am such a fan of his work. The film was outstanding from the very first moment of the gun shots, which sounded so real, to the waves crashing in the sea, the explosions and the noise of the planes flying over.

I for one certainly felt like I was sucked into the screen and part of the story. I was extremely emotionally invested in so many of the different characters and had such a moment of happiness and tears in my eyes, which I guess might seem a little bit strange as its history and we know the boats helped out. That did not make the scene any less powerful, it was just amazing.

The film does not contain a huge amount of dialogue which was such an inspiring idea, the situations some of the characters are in I don’t imagine talking time would have been huge. It certainly created the atmosphere even more and it really is all done on such an epic scale. I don’t remember the last time, if ever feeling this way watching a film. Yes, a very bold statement but it touched so many emotions and really made you feel part of the story.

I do have to admit that it took me a little while to work out the format of the story and that it jumps all over the place, but with great effect to show the differences in speed between the three means. I guess this is a warning to make sure that you’re paying attention. Really have to appreciate that level of storytelling which gets you thinking and plays with your emotions even more when for a few seconds thinking it could be someone else.

Fionn Whitehead takes on the biggest lead role and while he does not have a huge amount of dialogue he is truly outstanding from start to finish. We are emotionally involved with the character he plays and want nothing more than to see him eventually get home. Outstanding considering this is his first film and major role. Especially considering the cast, with one of my ultimate favourites in Mark Rylance, then having Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh. A lot of talk has been around Harry Styles and he does pretty much have the most dialogue, but good news everyone he is good in the role.

Here comes the jumping on the bandwagon to see this on the biggest screen possible, it really is visually stunning and that sound is something else. I am pretty sure my ears are still ringing and I’m still shaking! Bravo Christopher Nolan!

16 thoughts on “Dunkirk (2017) Review

  1. An astonishing piece of cinema. Direction, photography, sound, acting and Hans Zimmers’ score all come together to produce for me the movie event of the year. Hope to see this again in a couple of weeks at the BFI London this time in IMAX 70mm film.

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  2. I saw The Dark Knight on IMAX as I happened to be in New York when it came out, but sadly I’m not in a position to see Dunkirk in one. It’s still a pretty incredible experience on a regular screen, but when you know it’s designed for an even better format… I wish they’d build a few more IMAXs over here!

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      • I don’t actually remember the sound, weirdly! I’m sure it was good, but I guess the imagery was pretty overpowering — all those wide shots, feeling like you’re genuinely hovering over a city… I’d love to see it again like that, actually, but don’t suppose I’ll ever have the chance.


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