The Boss Baby (2017) Review


Seven year old Tim’s world is about to come crashing down around him as he now has a baby brother. But this baby is unlike others as he is a Boss Baby, sent down on a special mission to find out more information on a new puppy.


I had seen most of the films on the flight out to New York, this was an option so curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see if it was really as bad as everyone had said it was. The short answer to that question is . . . yes.

The long answer will be this review . . .

So a film aimed at children who are at an age of being curious to where babies come from decides to then tell them that babies are sent out depending on whether they are ticklish or not. If they are ticklish they are sent to a family, if not they become business babies and work for a cooperation.

That has so many things wrong with it, I am not entirely sure where to start in all honesty. I actually found myself pretty shocked with some of the scenes and really few to think that this was not a kids film at all. Plus I love Alec Baldwin and hearing him voice the Baby was a little bit creepy, haha.

Apparently the release of a new puppy will see people no longer want babies, hey another good message to be sending! I can’t really think of anything positive about the film to be brutally honest. Although I guess sending a shock factor is kinda impressive but probably not for a film that was meant for young children.

Maybe I should give the film credit for managing to be so shocking at times with so many inappropriate lines and moments so I really would recommend making sure you avoid this one at all costs. In all honesty if it wasn’t on the plane I don’t think I would have ever got round to watching it. I do blame Alec Baldwin though for being the deciding factor in deciding to watch it!

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