On Location Tours: NYC Bus Tour

Video Clips on the Bus!

Following the walking tour in Central Park the next day it was time for the Bus TV and Movie tour. Which was leaving next to Ellen’s Stardust Diner which meant we just had to go back for breakfast! To start the tour we are shown a DVD which would go onto show us many different clips from films throughout so we can remember just what scenes were filmed at the location we were currently at, heading to or had been at!

Our tour guide on this one was Amadeo and he was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Making the tour extremely fun, having quiz questions ready if we were stuck in traffic and his knowledge was outstanding. He was also a huge Friends fan which is always a massive bonus.

Watch out for the marshmallow man!

To start off with you head down towards the Plaza and just a reminder of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and a cameo from none other than the now President Donald Trump. Which then loops round onto the road that the Marshmallow Man came down in Ghostbusters!

I Am Legend apartment

The apartment used by Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend was right opposite the fantastic Washington Square Park which has been used in a lot of TV and Films. Including our favourite Blue Bloods, so watching a clip from that before heading into the park was very nice!

It was such a lovely place to head to on a very warm and sunny Sunday morning, you can see from the sky just how blue and cloudless it was!

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters! It really did have so many different filming locations around New York and this was the fire station used as the Ghostbusters base. Which actually has some Ghostbuster things painted around it, all these years later and the 80s film is still held in such high regard.

The Friends Building!

Friends always has been and always will be one of my favourite TV shows ever. I cannot help but quote it and compare life situations to an episode which is not good when your then talking to someone who has not binge watched them all over 100 times, haha. Although if you think about the opening to friends something is missing from the building, to what the characters use quite often. Yeah, that’s right the balcony!

Friends. Friends. Friends.

Not too far from this location we saw another place used in a TV Show I love, Sex and the City.

Shop used in Sex and the City

Some places were tricky to take a photo of from on the bus, but the following day we did manage to walk around to the New York Public Library another Sex and the City reference as well as Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man which has a scene outside of it. As well as walking to Battery Park which was such a nice place, also used in Sex and the City. They currently have a huge screen to put a film on each Monday night!

How I Met Your Mother – McClaren’s Inspiration!

The tour finishes next to McGee’s pub which was the inspiration behind McClaren’s in How I Met Your Mother. If you take the On Location Tour you can also then get 15% off your bill in the pub!

Another incredible tour, I cannot recommend them enough for the next time you are in New York. Really worth seeing the different filming locations whether you are a huge film fan or not, can help improve your knowledge. Plus nice to remember that real places are used at times still!

For more information see the On Location Tours website.

This was the: TV and Movie Tour 

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