Despicable Me 3 (2017) Review


Gru is about to be put to shame when he meets his twin brother who is more successful, cheerful and has a lot of hair. Dru wants to team up and have his brother train him to be a villain as that is something their father was.


Please don’t judge me too much for going to see this film, I wanted something to keep me awake at the cinema on my return from New York and this was the only film that started at the time I could go to the cinema (I promise). I wouldn’t have picked it out of choice, I am not a big fan of the first two instalments, don’t get the point in Minions and that spin-off film was horrific!

I know that was an extremely negative way to start a review but I am going to spin it back around and have a positive thought, which will probably be the only one. I thought Balthazar Bratt was a totally hilarious villain, come on he was dancing around to 80s music, stuck in 80s clothes, a former child star from a TV show that had since become the character searching for a big diamond.

While that is a bit off the wall I thought it was at least a little bit different and amusing. Other than that though everything else we have seen before, with Gru and the girls who don’t seem to be ageing at all. Anyway we have had more than our fill of those characters and they aren’t all that great. I guess it is pretty amazing that this franchise is still managing to churn out films at a rather quick rate in all honesty when they aren’t anything special at all. Also who has Julie Andrews’ wonderful voice in the film for only a minute or two.

I just feel that now with animated films always having plenty of sequels they don’t really have much of a message or even a point. I don’t know if that is because obviously they are mainly aimed at children, but do we not want them to have a good message with them even more? I guess it doesn’t really matter if people head to see them at the box office and I am sure they will come up with yet another pointless story for a 4th film.

Maybe I am being too cynical towards this but when animated films still take up plenty of cinema screens it does get to the point where it is very frustrating. This film also highlights that the minions are totally nothing, they could have been taken out and it wouldn’t have made any difference at all. I never have and never will understand why everything gets so excited over them. They can’t even speak properly!

Ok that is my rant review over and done with, what has happened to the state of animated films in recent years. They really have been very poor and I think this one certainly highlights just that.

7 thoughts on “Despicable Me 3 (2017) Review

  1. I love this rant! My friend and I were planning on seeing either this or The House, and the timings would decide for us. I was a little gutted when this was the best choice in the end. It was alright but like you say – what’s the point! I quite like the minions but don’t get the hype around them – and their solo movie was pretty terrible.

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  2. I respect your opinion but I love the minions and hope they get another movie. I love the “Despicable Me” franchise, too. It’s beautifully-drawn and pulls me in.


  3. I do love the “Despicable Me” films although I haven’t seen this one or the Minions movie. Animated films which I have enjoyed recently:-
    The Red Turtle, My Life as a Courgette, Your Name, Kubo and the Two Strings, Zootroplis and Moana.

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