Ellen’s Stardust Diner

I had been told about this place a lot before going on the trip as the waiters all take turns to sing in the one of a kind diner. So naturally it was on the list of places to go to, we ended up going twice as well. Both times for breakfast, didn’t have to queue early on in the morning which as a bonus, as well as the food being fantastic and the entertainment even better.

Entertainment while you eat!

The breakfast was outstanding and I was totally defeated the day I tried the Breakfast Burrito that was so much food, yes it certainly was served with salsa and I did use some of it. Also Tater Tots are the greatest way to eat a potato ever!

If the amazing food was not good enough for a diner then you add in the waiters who are all training to be on Broadway and in shows. Which means they get a chance to perform for the customers at all hours of the day and into the night. I think it is a truly fantastic idea, from a huge Theatre fan. It must be extremely hard to try to get a big break in New York!

Plus live music while you eat with most songs coming from musicals, that is certainly my idea of heaven. The second time we went (which just happened to be on my birthday) we were in a much more central seat which meant that I could get videos of the different performances!

What better song to hear when you are actually in New York?

Saved the best until last considering Chicago is one of my all time favourite shows and films!

It really is a fantastic place to go for a great experience in New York. Remember though that they do want a big tip to go along with a meal and will also come around with a bucket, which they assure you the money is to go towards acting/dance classes.

I would totally go back again on another trip to New York, it has such a great buzz and atmosphere, which is certainly a huge bonus in a place to have some food. I was very tempted to head back a third time for more breakfast. It would have been nice to try the normal menu as well, but time disappears very quickly when you are in the city that doesn’t sleep!


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