On Location Tours: Central Park


Before heading to NYC I had booked in two tours with On Location Tours, which are all TV and Movie themed. Showing the different filming locations in New York City from so many movies that you know and love.


The first one we did was the walking tour around Central Park which was only $12 due to a combo booking with the Bus Tour.

Absolutely fantastic value and even better than it had stopped raining so it was the perfect day to be walking around Central Park. It was very easy to find the meeting place and our tour guide Gary was there as promised with his On Location umbrella. The tour started promptly at 12pm.

Central Park is the most filmed location in the world, so it was always going to be fantastic being told and even reminded which films take place at certain points in the park. I really don’t think it would have been easy to walk around yourself and try to work out where certain parts of film and tv shows were filmed.

Stage used for performances

With doing the tour you can really see how things are often changed for tv and film and that is certainly something you don’t really think about when you are watching. Thinking that everything is taking place in New York when it was a studio in LA.

Avengers – Only part actually filmed in NYC
Gossip Girl Wedding

This one was rather exciting when reminded that it was where Chuck and Blair eventually got married in the last episode. It has also been used for other films  as well. But that was the main one I got very excited over in all honesty, Gossip Girl is one of those TV Series that totally consumes you.

The Boathouse  – When Harry Met Sally . . . Sex and the City . . .

You know the scene in When Harry Met Sally when Carrie Fisher is giving Meg Ryan advice on men she can date and gets out the little black book? Yeah, that was filmed in the boathouse! Along with Carrie and Big meeting having an argument and ending up falling in the water. But to fall in that water Sarah Jessica Parker demanded that they drain the whole lake and have new fresh water put in it, in all honesty looking at the colour of it I don’t really blame her at all.

Proposal Bridge

Apparently the bridge is the most common place for men to propose thinking they are being original even though it just happens to be very cliche and overused!

John Lennon Tribute

It also takes you through to Strawberry Fields and the tribute to John Lennon, which had a lot of people sitting on the benches and around the Imagine piece. A man singing the Beatles songs whilst playing a guitar was a fantastic little bonus. Along with the sing-a-long to ‘Let It Be’ (something I wish I had videoed).

Gary the Tour Guide!

Gary’s knowledge was fantastic and he really did make the tour extra special.

Who you gonna call? That’s right the Ghostbusters building!

From the ending where they fight against the Marshmallow man, they made it look a lot taller in the film. Still really cool to see it!

Wall Street Restaurant

Just around from that is where the scene happens when Michael Douglas punches Charlie Sheen in the park. But after the restaurant meeting everything was about to go bad for Gordon Gekko.

Pretty cool that we walked past that exact spot! It really was such an enjoyable tour to take in the amazing sights on central park with it geared towards film and tv. We were told that pretty much nearly all of the places we were walking was featured in Enchanted. Taking many weeks to film and watching it again after walking the route it’s really no wonder at all.

Thanks On Location Tours for a very memorable walk around Central Park! To find out more information about the Central Park Walking Tour click here.

12 thoughts on “On Location Tours: Central Park

  1. Love the John Lennon Tribute! There are so many great films which were shot in NY! Taxi Driver, Ghostbusters, Woody Allen films. But, for Central Park is always special. I guess it all comes down to Home Alone II!

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