CD Launch: War Paint Original Cast Recording


After seeing War Paint on Thursday evening the CD was due to be launched the following day with it going on sale at 9am at Barnes & Noble. You had to head across and get yourself a wristband, was in the queue outside for what felt like forever considering the rain was extremely heavy when in reality it was 15 minutes.

Was easily within the first 10 people to buy the CD and therefore get a priority wristband for the short talk and then signing with Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole and Scott Frankel. But considering the wristband did not guarantee you entry it meant heading back a lot earlier than the 2:30pm start time.


Quite a few people were already in the queue, but at least that meant we would easily get a seat in the area and not be outside. Even better that when we went in somehow managed to end up in the front row but on the side, which was pretty great as I was the first in line for the signing part.

It was all very well organised by Barnes & Noble with no messing about. We all had to hand in the CD sleeve so Patti could pre-sign those as she was struggling with walking and sitting, plus she had another show to do that night, just showing her incredible and amazing character to keep going!


Scott Frankel was fantastic in showing his enthusiasm not only for War Paint but theatre in general and the two leading ladies that the show was written for. He was a pleasure to listen to and provoked questions from Patti and Christine. Going into the eleven o’clock number which I was very pleased to already know a little bit about, this show as two of those one for each actor.

I felt so lucky to have had the chance to attend something like this as I don’t think they happen in the UK? Although I guess I am not really in London enough to know about them if they do. Would be great for the West End to do similar though when they release cast recordings to really get the fans involved.

I certainly cannot wait to listen to the CD for this show as I really did enjoy the music and lyrics a lot!

My angle of the Promo Shots!

How many chances would I get to attend an event like this? Well, I honestly don’t think it will ever happen again. How fitting that one of them in attendance was Patti LuPone as well. It was just well a truly brilliant experience, especially after seeing the show the previous night as it really did mean everything was still so fresh.


I did mention that I was over from England and Scott did mention bringing the show to the West End . . . I certainly would be making that trip down to London. I will be keeping a close eye on how this show continues to do on Broadway.

I am now a very big fan!

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