30 Today . . .

. . . Which Means I am officially old.

Happy Birthday to me (in New York City) guess it could be worse!


I totally understand what Joey was going on about in Friends now.

The best way I can think to describe how I feel about turning 30 is pretty much Joey from Friends reaction to not only his self turning 30, but the rest of the gang as well.

Just why!

Can you offer me any sympathy if you have already reached this milestone, or are you laughing because you are so much younger than I am?

26 thoughts on “30 Today . . .

  1. Believe me you’re not old and that’s coming from an old bloke!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Caz. A jog round Central Park to celebrate? Whatever you’re doing have a great day.

    Very Best Wishes,

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  2. When i saw this post pop up on my feed i just Had to look at the date, I guess its already the 16th in the U.K. however keep in mind since you’re in NY you are technically still 29 for a couple more hours. 😛

    Haha anyway its Nice to see another movie blogger who shares the same birthday, I’ll be 30 today (16Jul) as well. : ) Happy birthday Caz!


    • Thanks Mike! That is amazing exactly the same birthday and both movie bloggers. Yeah I think I have confused my blog by setting the post up before I left the UK, haha.

      Hope you have a good one and I still have a couple more hours out in NY!


  3. A late happy birthday to you Caz, I’m 25 so not too far away myself 🙂 I feel there are positives about getting older, we get wiser and know what we want – the best is yet to come 😃

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