Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review


Set several months after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is still very excited about his experience with the Avengers and wants to do a lot more. Tony Stark attempts to mentor the teenager and wants him to be the man on the ground in New York City but also still attend school and have a normal life.


A teenager becoming a superhero was always going to turn into a crazy time and that is what this film shows us. Exactly how a teenager would respond with potentially becoming an avenger. Especially when Tony Stark aka Iron Man gives you a custom-made suit. The thing is though is that Peter actually does have a bad guy forming known as the Vulture but Happy Horton who has been put in charge of him does not want to listen.

I really liked the addition of Ned as Peter’s friend I thought that gave it some fantastic moments especially the first time he sees him as Spider-Man crawling around the ceiling so his Aunt Mae does not see him come in the window in the suit. Some of the moments with Stark might seem very obvious and cliché but it really does just work so well. Yes, I am a huge Iron Man fan which probably helps in this film.

It moves at a good pace and we get a great build up with Adrian Toomes becoming Vulture and I thought that was a sign of a good story. Especially the small twist with it, which I didn’t see coming in all honesty. I am sure a lot of people will but I really liked the way they went with that it just felt so right.

Peter becoming Spider-Man was supposed to be to help the small people, but after his outing with Iron Man and the Avengers he just cannot listen to Stark and do as he is told as part of his training. He wants the big pull and the big stories, which constantly goes wrong. All part of his learning curve in the superhero world we have to say as he stops someone from getting into their own car and other moments like that. He does manage to save his friends though and Ned gets his wish to be the guy in the chair on the computers!

Parts link very well the coming of age story as well, but at just 15 years old we find out that Peter has plenty of time to grow up and can do that within his home of Queens. I thought it was a very good base for the new Spider-Man that we now have which leaves the last two films the reboot out totally pointless and a waste of time. I know it is with Marvel getting the rights from Sony but we have to feel cheated with those ones.

I thought Tom Holland was very good in the role with his level of enthusiasm and charisma for the character, it was a little bit amusing to hear his voice when we are used to men in masks for the roles. The young factor was pretty good to watch. Michael Keaton was great to see as a bad guy, who has a heart as well. Going full circle from once being Batman to now a bad guy in the other universe. He can do no wrong with his current role choices in my opinion. It is also always fantastic to see Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man/Stark he really does own that role!

We have two more films before Avengers: Infinity War with 2019 scheduled for Peter Peter’s next standalone outing! I really enjoyed this one and I think Marvel have managed to make up for the last couple of disappointments, I eventually really like Spider-Man!

15 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review

  1. “Spider-Man” is a perfect example of a studio destroying a brand – after the Sam Raimi films, they should never have started all over again – and that was my concern here as well, especially given his age in the film…good other that’s not what they did. Great review!

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