The House (2017) Review


Scott and Kate Johansen have done everything to raise their daughter Alex in such a good way, ensuring that they support everything she wants to do in life. This also includes going to her dream college. When the town takes away her scholarship funding the take things into their own hands when a gamble goes wrong they decide to become the house, because the house always wins.


I actually made the mistake of checking out a couple of reviews and ratings for this film as I was sat in the cinema waiting for it to start. Although I guess that did make my expectations even lower than they already had been. You know that I just don’t seem to take well to recent comedies. Not entirely sure why exactly but this has now ended up in that bracket. The only time I really remember laughing was at the outtakes at the end, as let’s face it they were funny!

The film on the other hand is too cringeworthy and a little bit creepy in terms of the family relationships between parents and child. It was just a little bit too much they way they went on together and planning on having a summer together but Alex went away to college.

Along with best friend Frank who is having a lot of issues and not coping well with his pending divorce as he refuses to accept it. A gambling problem so why not turn your house into a casino. The plan all seems to be pretty straight forward but when a man working for the town gets involved it was not going to be as easy as first thought. Also it is a comedy film so it was never going to work out.

Disappointing from Will Ferrell but I guess his career has always been pretty hit/miss. I always seem to give him a chance though as at times we end up rather unsure if it is going to be good or bad. I mean the trailer for this one didn’t really look that bad in all honesty.

I am not entirely sure how I can actually prepare you for this one if you do make the same mistake I did and head to the cinema to watch it. I don’t have anything positive to say about it and I haven’t actually read anything positive about it. Bad decision to go and see it in all honesty. Maybe this should be a warning to not subject yourself to this film as it really is not worth the time, effort and money. With all of that though I am sure it will do ok at the box office as it will have a lot of screenings in place, such a shame really considering I have now missed a film that actually looked decent because of screening times.

Very curious to find out if anyone liked well anything about this film, if you did please let me know with comments below! Maybe, just maybe I missed something?

14 thoughts on “The House (2017) Review

  1. I’m always gonna like Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas because of Parks and Recreation but this film – no.
    Just a generic summer blockbuster comedy with near zero laughs. I did half-smile a couple of times, though I don’t remember when! ☺

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  2. The reason you may not do well will recent comedies, is that recent comedies just aren’t very good. They have become overly formulaic with no sense of comedic innovation or risk. I mean, when was the last time we had a comedy that really knocked people’s socks off and will be remembered as a classic of the genre? The Hangover?

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    • I didn’t like The Hangover actually lol. I did like Bridesmaids though. But I’m pleased you said that about comedies and it’s not just me!


        • Oh yeah I knew what you meant, I think men and women favoured those for the obvious reasons. I think the problem with the hangover is they killed it with the two sequels.


          • Why should sequels have any baring on the original film? I hated Terminator Genesys, but it didnt make me love the first two terminator films any less.


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