Falling Down (1993) Review


William Foster aka D-Fens is a recently unemployed defense worker who one hot day has eventually had enough with all society and begins to lash out in many different violent and psychotic ways.


His breakdown all stems from being told by his ex-wife that he is not allowed to see his daughter on her birthday, thus leaves his car in a traffic jam and decides to walk around. On this walk he meets many different people and seems to end up in a fight with them for some reason or other. Mainly when he does not get his own way and not being able to talk to them. The wanting breakfast scene in a fast food restaurant is one that really sticks out for me, haven’t we all just missed the breakfast menu at McDonald’s before? Luckily though our reactions have not been to start shooting in the place and terrifying so many innocent people.

Along with William the story also follows Detective Prendergast who is working his last day before retirement. The best thing about it was that everyone he was working with were saying people always have a nightmare of last days. That was about to become true when so many innocents were happening over the city, it didn’t take him very long really to work out they were all by the same man. Who wasn’t really targeting any particular people just anyone who got in his way, with the bag of guns he stole from a gang.

We are then presented with the chase and that means a huge build up to the finale, which in all fairness does not disappoint at all. I guess it highlights that someone can just snap, at times we cannot help but feel sorry for D-Fens and even agree with some of his arguments. Which makes you doubt your own sanity, but that is the power of the film and more importantly the performances.

Michael Douglas is truly outstanding in this film.

I am such a big fan of the now legendary actor and this film has made me even more a fan to be totally honest. Everything he does in this one is so engaging and the way he delivers the lines is frightening at times. We truly believe he has lost his mind and decided to deal with anyone who gets in his way. At times he still manages to even show a little bit of charm as well which was pretty impressive considering the nature of his character on his very bad day.

Robert Duvall is always pretty much perfect as well, working as a very good supporting actor with his character and the big scene between the two at the end is impressive. Both working very well together to create the very important scene. Another actor that I enjoy with each film I manage to catch up with.

I am pretty sure that I have tried to watch this film a couple of times before I managed to make it all the way through. Which I am really pleased about, you certainly have to stick with it as it just gets better and better.

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