Dirty Dancing (UK Tour) Review


Lewis Griffiths – Johnny Castle
Katie Eccles – Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman
Carlie Milner – Penny Johnson
Julian Harries – Dr. Jake Houseman
Simone Craddock – Marjorie Houseman
Lizzie Ottley – Lisa Houseman
Michael Kent – Billy Kostecki
Tony Stansfield – Max Kellerman

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Monday 26th June 2017

I feel like to start this review off I must gush about how much I love Dirty Dancing the film. It has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, which is probably why I have never actually been to see the stage show before. It has one of my all time favourite quotes in film and no it is not “Nobody puts baby in the corner”. You can always check out my top 10 list here.

The stage show is pretty much the film but live action, with the same songs and not really a huge amount of singing taking place. Something I wasn’t really expecting in all honesty I was hoping for a few more singing moments. But the dancing was truly fantastic anyway so I guess it wasn’t really a huge deal about the singing.

Lewis Griffiths was fantastic with his dancing and truly mesmerizing as Johnny Castle, with the charm and charisma in the role. Also must mention his amazing arms that I could not take my eyes off, yes I know a very strange thing to say but wow! While on the subject of body parts I must mention Carlie Milner’s legs, unreal the muscle definition! I think I should maybe give up running and take up dancing as it certainly seems to work. Katie Eccles was a very good Baby as well, always hilarious watching someone who can dance pretend they can’t in the rehearsal moments.

The problem with a stage show based on an incredible popular film is that everyone knows all of the lines (and has their favourites) this creates annoying moments in the audience when people are saying them before the actors or at the same time. It is a pretty expensive show and I certainly wanted to see and hear the talented cast rather than members of the audience. That isn’t really an issue with the show but more how Theatre etiquette seems to be disappearing with each show I go to see.

It was very good to see the story acted out on stage with the so memorable soundtrack. I was so very tempted to buy a watermelon cushion and now regretting the decision of not adding it to my Theatre merchandise collection!


But she carried a watermelon? It was all about that first love for Baby and how it just so happened to be for the wrong type of guy in Johnny. Let’s face it though that is the type of guy that every girl really wants, we want to be the one to tame them. Although in this story I think it works both ways.

Dirty Dancing creates for a good night at the Theatre if you already love the film a lot. I guess it would be a little bit of a tough one to get away with if you haven’t seen the film. We are all emotionally involved already.

The quick changes of the stage and hotel were constant and boasted a rather impressive set. Just wait until you see the practice of the lift scene, that was rather hilarious in all honesty. I thought the innocence of Baby and how she impacted so many people over the summer was pretty inspirational.

Dirty Dancing is on Tour in the UK until September
Check out the remaining dates here!


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