You Get Me (2017) Review


When Tyler has a huge fight with his girlfriend Ali, he ends up with out of towner Holly who shows him a night he won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Especially when she then shows up at his high school and wants to be with him. Thus making his life hell . . .


Netflix really do have a fantastic way to get you to watch the Orignal films they have, especially when they are first released. Having a huge advert for them when you first click onto the streaming app on your device. It is totally in your face and you cannot help but have a closer look to see what it is about. Most of the films I have then watched have been pretty short, this one looked no different.

This turned out to be a very bad decision as this is a bad film by any standards really, I am pretty disappointed with that because every Netflix Original I have watched so far as been rather impressive and good to watch. This was not.

We are supposed to feel sorry for Tyler a high school boy who because of one small fight with his girlfriend who he apparently loves (it was about sex I must add) ends up running off and having sex with the first girl he sees. That is just not a good or nice message at all. Painting different pictures of the girls we find out they haven’t got nice pasts either. Ali is trying to change her life and do things right this time round after moving from another town. Holly is just totally mental, which I thought served Tyler right at first until it was all taken to a new crazy level when people started actually getting hurt. He tried to keep it all hidden from Ali and by the time he decided to confess it was much too late!

Certainly wouldn’t make you want to trust anyone at all ever. The acting was pretty poor to go along with it and in all honesty I kept getting the names of the two girls totally mixed up, I don’t really know the reason why but I struggled to follow who was who, maybe because they did look quite similar? I don’t even know the answer to that myself. You are probably wondering why I even kept watching, as I am wondering that now as I write this review. I guess at some point Netflix were going to make something disappointing. I am probably not the target audience either which wouldn’t have helped the situation.

I guess watching this after Love Affair from 1939 it really does just show the standard of what we watch. It isn’t ever about love anymore it is always based around sex and I personally think that has such a huge impact on how we receive and view relationships. Such a sad state of affairs the world is now in, not forgetting that new thing of having the text messages on the side of screens. I might just boycott all new films and work through older ones and wish times were still like that!

3 thoughts on “You Get Me (2017) Review

  1. That is something that got me too. If him and Holly spent the summer together then I could understand her point of view. Especially the idea of him treating it as a summer romance and her maybe something real. However, she made it seem like a sex to solve loneliness type of thing.

    And while I get she was crazy, at least giving her a legit reason would have help. That is, rather than making her crazy because it is easier than making her complex.

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      • Much less, I feel Ali and the boy, I forgot his name, could have had a longer time repairing their to be to be . He did flip out just because she didn’t put out. much less with how secretive he was about his life, I feel their relationship should have had more issues besides Holly.


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