Love Affair (1939) Review


Michael Marnet a French playboy is about to find out what true love feels like when he meets former nightclub singer Terry McKay on board a ship. They are both engaged to another but agree to meet six months later.


Old films are just well wonderful and this one is no different, it has an incredible amount of charm and passion towards love. Because of censorship we don’t even see them kiss properly and I think that certainly leaves you with so much more.

Terry McKay is a likeable character and you really want her to be happy, she does her best to resist Michael but they have such a connection she cannot deny her feelings for very long. Especially when she is taken to meet his Grandmother such a lovely moment and scenes.

Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer had a very good chemistry together and bounced off each other well. Very important in a film that focuses heavily on romance and love. It was believable enough and added to the charm. Especially for the emotion filled final scene which really does break your heart but also warm it at the same time. Something that is very rare when watching a film.

I love the idea of a world that does not have constant communication by mobile device and social media. Imagine trying to meet someone in six months time now, it would be impossible not to see something from them online. It just screams romance and I have no idea what would actually be classed as romantic today, nothing would really compare to that.

I am sure you might already be aware that I totally love An Affair to Remember so it was brilliant to eventually get to watch the original, which is pretty much a nailed on remake with all of the amazing lines and moments. 7 Heartbreaking Moments in An Affair to Remember. With that and how close the remake is which I class as one of my all time favourite films ever, I would certainly recommend this one as well. Showing in a slightly different time, even if it is the same place the incredible New York City.

It has made me feel even more excited about my up and coming trip to New York next month and seeing the Empire State Building again, it is one of my most favourite buildings I have seen so far! The significance of it in this film as well really does help show just why I love it so much.

BBC Two really is fantastic for catching up with old films on a Saturday morning, even better when you can download them on BBC iPlayer later in the day when you see it at the very end. Helped me to catch up with this one, so if you are in the UK and looking to watch some old classics then keep a look out for them from 6am on a Saturday! I have managed to catch quite a few over the past few weeks.

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