Gifted (2017) Review


Frank is a single man living in Florida raising his seven-year old niece who just happens to be a mathematics prodigy, is drawn into a legal battle with her mother when she founds out about her granddaughters gift.


I was totally consumed by this film, I had been looking forward to seeing it since first seeing the trailer. I have grown very fond of Chris Evans and love this serious dramas he occasionally stars in. This film is all about Mary and how Frank is trying his best to give her a normal life with school and friends. But the fact she is so advanced at Maths means she is not going to be able to stay in school very long.

The teachers and principal quickly pick up on her gifts and do everything possible to get her a scholarship into an advanced school. Mary does not act like a seven-year old very often, she is like a mini adult which certainly creates some rather amusing moments. This was certainly a huge charm in the film, along with Evans as Frank. You feel for him as he is trying to protect her after failing to do so for his sister. He feels a lot of guilt because of what happened and vowed to take care of Mary giving her a normal life.

Everything was going well for the pair managing to get by with Roberta offering a helping hand every now and again. Another brilliant performance from Octavia Spencer, would we expect anything less from her now? Of course not, offering another character we can really like. We get a pretty awful character as well though with Evelyn who is vindictive and selfish not actually caring about anyones feelings. Some of the scenes with Frank are pretty difficult when you remember that it is his mother.

A very charming film that I would happily watch again, but be warned I found myself crying twice and managing to hold it together a third time throughout. The thing is though I was expecting it to have some sad moments at some point, but the way they came about wasn’t really what I thought I was going to be watching. So it had a few surprises to keep you on your toes.

It certainly does have a few twists which are very nice and welcoming, as well as rip your heart out. I was blown away by Mckenna Grace her performance really was outstanding the best child performance I have seen for a long time. She was engaging and managed to show a lot of different emotions throughout the film.

Very reassuring to watch a film like this which feels so unique caring many lovely messages about growing up, family and well being gifted at something. Showing that you really can find such a balance to ensure you have a full and happy life. Well, those were some of the messages I took from watching this well acted emotional film. It tugs at your heart-strings whilst making you laugh, all rolled up into one lovely film.

5 thoughts on “Gifted (2017) Review

  1. Agree that this was a charming and touching film with strong performances. I particularly liked the chemistry between Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace. Good choice of songs throughout the film. Seems a shame that it hasn’t been given the exposure it deserves

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    • Glad you enjoyed it as well, yeah this one hasn’t really been marketed very well and just kinda appeared and left the cinema very quickly.


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