Remember (2015) Review


Zev Guttman is now an elderly man who has dementia but he is guided by a fellow Auschwitz survivor who has written him a letter with instruction to tracking down the Nazi that killed their families.


Remember is a very tough watch at times, but it is still extremely engaging. You want to see what is going to happen next on the journey and you just want answers. It’s hard-hitting as you journey through the many men on the list across the US, who have been living lies for many years. Stealing the names of the people who were killed and taking on a new life for themselves.

Zev cannot remember that his wife had recently died and he must constantly go through that pain when he is reminded. He suddenly disappears from the care home he has been living in when sent on the mission, much to the trauma of his son who has no idea how to locate him.

Christopher Plummer was truly outstanding in the leading role, honestly what an amazing performance. He really has pulled so many of them out in the last couple of years, this one is on another level. I was fully engaged and bought into the character hoping that he would be ok in the end. You could not help but feel sorry for him and that was certainly a testament to the performance.

As he is travelling around to try to find the one man who needed to be dealt with he certainly gets into some dangerous situations. Especially meeting John Kurlander which brings out a great performance from Dean Norris, those scenes are very uncomfortable. As soon as they meet something just doesn’t feel right at all. Rightly so with the way it all goes, not going to spoil what happens with any of it though. It really is a film that I feel will be massively under watched and that is something that I personally think needs to change.

It is very thrilling and has plenty of twists and turns along the way, the last coming right at the end. I honestly did not see it coming at all, but wow it was fantastic. I even watched most of the credits because I was that shocked at what I had just witnessed. I certainly think this is one of the most powerful films I have watched this year, with that amazing performance from Plummer.

I always feel that films around this horrific subject matter must be really tough to actually make, I mean the fact it even happened is just awful so having to then act out different parts around it must be tough. I really was blown away by how powerful it all was, the title was pretty perfect as well. Do we just want to forget certain events, or will we eventually remember? The dementia element really did add into that as well, is anything that Zev does something that he will remember a little later?

I really do recommend this as a powerful drama/thriller, very impressed!

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