Wonder Woman Quote!


I thought after seeing the film on Thursday and still buzzing about it, since bought a t-shirt and a new POP figure to add to my collection. I thought this quote was very poignant due to the current state of our world and the events that have happened in recent weeks in the UK and spanning the past few years around the world.

I thought this was the perfect time to post the quote as we really do have a beautiful world and the darkness really is destroying it. The problem is though in our world we don’t have Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman to save us. We don’t have superheroes and the people who should be saving the innocent are failing us all.

Changing your profile picture on Facebook with a silly banner and posting a status update of “pray for ???” is not going to make any difference at all.

It’s quite scary to think of what the world is coming to, be one thing for sure is that I will continue to escape to the movies!

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