King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) Review


Arthur is robbed of his birthright to become King growing up on the streets the tough way, but once he pulls the sword from the stone he must step up to the man he needs to be for his country.


After his parents were brutally murdered Arthur’s life does not head in the direction it was supposed to with him being heir to the throne of England. His power crazy Uncle is on the throne and will do anything and everything possible to stay in that position. With mythical creatures throughout and very strange moments King Arthur is a very different venture for Guy Ritchie. That does not stop him with his trademark wide-boy characters and the clever dialogue, especially when telling stories.

As you can see I have waited quite a few weeks after this film was released to head to the cinema to watch it, yes the bad reviews do make you think if it is worth it but also that you want to see if it is really that bad. That is not an easy question to answer in all honesty as parts of the film I did enjoy quite a lot and other parts I thought were pretty awful. Probably because it is quite tricky at times to work out what exactly the film is trying to be. Is it an action film? Is it trying to be a pretty modern telling of King Arthur with the way some of the characters behaved?

I am also guessing that everyone else who has seen the film struggled with that as well trying to decide what exactly it was. The fighting scenes are pretty decent at times but with a 15 rating I think it would have improved it, I was surprised to see it was a 12A when it started. Charlie Hunnam was very good as Arthur he got you on his side and you really wanted to see him succeed, an inspired choice in the role really. Opposite Jude Law in the evil role worked pretty well, even if you think he had plenty of chances to get rid of his nephew.

The mythical side of the story is done in a pretty crazy way with the sword controlling Arthur and that he must learn to work with it and not reject it. Crazy blue eyes are seen when the sword is happening, as well as some rather strange creatures. It seemed to be when you thought a scene was going well and decent something extra crazy would happen, yes massive snake I am thinking about you. I actually thought the first part of that scene was going very well and interesting then that took it to a totally different stupid level which was a shame. Maybe that is the best way to describe the film, reaching stupid levels at times which spoilt an interesting take on the whole story.

I do actually admire Guy Ritchie for trying to do something different to what he normally does, it could have worked and paid off big time but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. I did like his take on the story but some of the scenes were just that little bit too much, his usual dialogue with the “lads” was a good touch but that was more early on and forgotten about towards the end. Something that could have been very unique and different turned into a disappointment and mess due to the early potential.

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