A couple of days ago now I purchased a new domain:


I thought it would be a good idea so everyone knew I was based in the UK as often I think that is rather confusing.

To go along with the new domain (I am still keeping Letsgotothemovies7.com due to so many links to that online) I thought a new layout would be a great idea!

If readers can let me know if it is better than the old layout to read that would be fantastic!

(Look out for the different films in the header, constantly changing)

10 thoughts on “Letsgotothemovies.co.uk!

  1. I like it. 🙂 I am hopeful of purchasing a domain this year or next, I imagine it would make it feel more personal and therefore, wanting the site to succeed would be even greater!

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    • Thanks, thought it was best to check with people who read it :-). It’s great having the domain, im keeping letsgotothemovies7.com as well have IMDb reviews linked to that haha.

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    • So pleased it is easier to navigate around! That was certainly the point of changing it I am hoping the new address will help to attract more people with it not having a number in it!


  2. Not sure about the layout. But I’m glad you are keeping the page going. A lot of people got their own domains that I used to read. And even though I signed up to get the notifications from the new sites I would never get any. I’ve lost so many good blogs that way.

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    • I’m still keeping the old domain as well, I have links to that on so many other sites. But just thought not having a number in the web address makes it easier to remember 🙂


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