May 2017 at the Cinema

Into the fifth month of 2017 and I have managed to increase the number of films I got to see at the cinema back up to 10 this month, which actually includes two National Theatre Live productions of plays direct from the West End.

Cineworld Unlimited Card is £17.90 per month and I saw 8 films that qualified for the month which meant £2.23 per film. I had to pay for the Theatre productions £8.10 each, without an Unlimited card this is £16.99.

I saw the following films in May:

1st – Lady Macbeth – Review

2nd – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Review

7th – Unlocked – Review

9th – A Dog’s Purpose – Review

11th – National Theatre Live: Obsession – Review

15th – Alien: Covenant – Review

18th – National Theatre Live: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – Review

23rd – Colossal – Review

25th – Baywatch – Review (Unlimited Screening)

30th – Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – Review

Film of the Month
It may seem a strange choice to pick Colossal as it was a pretty strange film but I really liked that it tried to do something different and was a little bit off the wall at times. In all honesty though even though I saw eight films it was difficult to pick which one was actually my favourite from the month.

Male Performance of the Month
As bad as it sounds I cannot actually pick a male performance of the month. No actor stood out from the films that I saw. I have spent quite a while trying to just pick one but I thought that is not really the point of picking this, it is supposed to be the standout actor. That was not the case this month so I am just going to leave this part totally blank!

Female Performance of the Month
This has to go to Florence Pugh for her amazing performance in Lady Macbeth. I really was impressed with her from start to finish in that film. Showing a great breakthrough performance, in a difficult role.

What films did you see during May and what was your favourite?

5 thoughts on “May 2017 at the Cinema

  1. Some great reviews here. I too thought ‘Colossal’ was a bit out there but so entertaining. If I had to choose a male performance of the month from the films you watched I’d go for Jason Sudeikis or Michael Fassbender. Both were excellent in their respective roles.
    In regard to the best overall acting though Conleth Hill in ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ was amazing. Really great acting all round in that play.

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    • Yeah I had thought about picking him but with it not being a film wasn’t sure if I was breaking my own rules. I am so pleased I got to see him do that live on stage earlier in the year!

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  2. Films I saw in May:-
    3rd – Lady Macbeth
    12th – Frantz
    15th – Mindhorn
    20th – Harmonium *
    21st – The Levelling *
    22nd – Miss Sloane *
    30th – The Other Side of Hope
    * Films I watched in London, the rest in Newcastle
    I really enjoyed Lady Macbeth and in particular Florence Pugh’s performance but decided to give all my “rewards” to the French/German film Frantz.
    FILM – Frantz
    ACTRESS – Paula Beer
    ACTOR – Pierre Niney

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      • I love my foreign films and I think they give a balance to mainstream cinema. Unfortunately most of the cinema chains aren’t really interested in showing them and it’s left to the independents. Having subtitles makes me concentrate more on the film and after a while I forget about them. I certainly don’t consider myself as being any more cultured by watching them.
        I’m planning to see the Oscar nominated foreign film “A Man Called Ove” (Swedish) which opens at the Tyneside on 30th June. If you would like to come along and give it a try then that would be really good. I’ll get you a complimentary ticket. You might even start a Foreign Film section on your blog!


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