Baywatch (2017) Review


Mitch Buchanan is a devoted lifeguard but takes his job a lot more seriously than that, getting involved in everything that happens on his bay! When Matt Brody is his new recruit they instantly clash but it isn’t long before they begin to understand each other.


We’ve all seen the trailers, we know how Zac Efron’s career has gone but then we are given The Rock who is pretty much everyone’s guilty pleasure now right? As an attempt to balance it out. I went into the cinema with extremely low expectations for this one, and I don’t actually think you can get them low enough for what you are about to see unfold.

The first part of the film or maybe I should say third focuses on the tryouts for people to becoming a Baywatch lifeguard including Brody who thinks he is too good for that. With three openings we then get three trainees to the beach. Then for the rest of the film the story moves to drug dealing and murder. Yes, really it does.

Everything is obvious to what is going to happen next, very simple to work out. When watching I was actually thinking this just does not work in film form. Yes, the TV series was very popular back in the 90s (cannot really remember watching it to be totally honest) but that does not mean it is going to still work in any shape for form right now. I guess it was good to see Hasselhoff and Anderson with the small cameo roles.

Matt Brody is an Olympic champion having won two gold medals but then messed up with the relay when he was having to work as a team. Losing his sponsorships and becoming broke that is how he ends up having to become a lifeguard. This doesn’t sit well with Mitch who loves nothing more than looking after everyone on the beach. He seems to think he is part of the police as he cannot leave things alone and must follow the theories he has come up with.

As you can imagine with a film like this coming out now the bikinis and swimming costumes for the women are very very small. But I guess with the bodies of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron for once us women get something nice to look at! I actually still find myself amazed at how ripped Efron has managed to keep himself very impressive! We are then also given a man Ronnie, who has trouble with his body and nowhere near the rest of them. I guess that was an attempt to appeal to well everyone watching the film, that is who you are like type of approach.

Victoria Leeds was the villain and well it was a pretty awful performance from Priyanka Chopra in all honesty, I was pretty much cringing every single time she was on the screen. Wondering how it was going to get worse So to really sum up this film another reboot of a tv series that we really did not need as a film, especially as I imagine we will see a sequel as well! Not my type of humour at all, although I only heard the other people in the screening laughing a few times.

9 thoughts on “Baywatch (2017) Review

  1. Didn’t you women have David Hasselhoff to look at in the original, lol?

    I’ve never seen the original show and the only reason I would watch this movie is if I found the girls attractive and I don’t, so I’m skipping this, lol.


    • Haha, Hasselhoff was in the original I can’t really remember it. I have seen him on stage before, first time I saw Chicago in the West End he was Billy Flynn! lol

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment: “I went into the cinema with extremely low expectations for this one, and I don’t actually think you can get them low enough for what you are about to see unfold.”

    Went into this expecting a fun dumb comedy but was still disappointed! The first act or so was much better than the rest of the film. I’m not familiar with the original TV series, so maybe it was more action than comedy, but the tonal imbalance didn’t make for an entertaining movie.

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